May / June 100 Word Anonymous Challenge Discussion


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Feb 21, 2006
Ontario, Canada
It is time for the new challenge.
As the current winner, Daysman has provided the theme and topic.
All entries are to be privately messaged to @elvet.
This is the thread for discussions, comments, reviews (for anyone who wishes to do so), and anything else pertinent to the challenge.
If you would like to do reviews, remember to include all submissions including your own if you've entered.
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Requiem - a society reaches its ultimate state and achieves self-realisation.
The View from Above - two writers with an unusually large amount of perspective take an interest.

Head-to-head - sometimes your audience isn’t worth the effort.
If Only There Was a Memory Elixir - there is only one way to test for your own immortality, but it’s a bit of a bummer if you’re wrong.

Vocabulous - words can be both tools and weapons.
A Tricky Conversation - Immortality really should be a health and safety requirement for messengers.
A Tricky Conversation - the tempo really leaps off the page!

If Only There Was a Memory Elixir. - even immortals have coming of age problems!
The Long Goodbye - losing a child, for whatever reason, can be unbearable.
The Immortals of San Francisco - who will remain immortal right up to the point when they discover they’re not.

A Fight About Money - some people will go to any length to win an argument.
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Again - the forces behind Darwinism are immortal, even if we aren’t.

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