(Found) Book where magic is alien psychic power. Aliens recruit richest man to help fight a war.


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Oct 13, 2019
I read this book back in the late 90s as a second hand paperback.
It starts with the richest man in the world competing in motocross. He then goes to his private island. An alien woman arrives and convinces him that magic (spelled differently) exists and tries to teach it to him But fails. He learns how to modify his body and use atmospheric electricity to create lightning bolts.
There is an underwater sequence to recover a giant ruby in China To carve into a wand to give better access to magic.
The girl and the man prepare to travel to the planet in a converted plane With magically enhanced fuel tanks.

Something kidnaps the girl in space and the man Crash lands on the planet and has to travel to the city.
Doing so he changes his shape, and eventually befriends a giant flying creature.
Finally he gets to the city and discovers it was an attempt by the aliens to get him to access the magic by utter despair which is how they discovered it, but instead anger is what gives him access to magic.

There are a lot of examples where the alien word is a misspelled English word ie majik d'mon wandt.

There is a cat that is actually an inter dimensional being

There was a scene where he accidentally rode off a cliff, fell for miles and then landed in a giant mushroom.