(Found) Looking for book where aliens watch humans for entertainment and interfere with their lives. One alien visiting on vacation falls in love


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Jan 10, 2021
I read a paperback from the public library probably around 2002-2004 but the book felt like a ‘50s or ‘60s publication because of the human technology in the story. These aliens, who are like stewards of all planets with life, fly around on earth in invisible tubes filming and interfering with humans for entertainment. Aliens are like 3 or 4 foot tall humanoids and I want to say their species was the Chass or something but google doesn’t agree. This high ranking alien comes to visit before taking over his very own planet, I think, and while he’s there he sees a lady he likes and he takes her and keeps her in this machine with all these buttons that controls her. He’s gotta keep her a secret because he would get in trouble with the other aliens if they found out. Most humans can’t see the aliens or their ships but some can and the aliens don’t really like those humans. Then it turns out that the aliens can breed with humans because the main alien in the story gets the lady pregnant(also turns out humans are like a wild breed of the aliens who run everything).I feel like there’s a murder in a kitchen with glass shards from broken door glass? Maybe little aliens in a horizontal flying grey cylinder on the cover? That part could totally be my imagination because it doesn’t feel right. Thank you so much for your help.
Can the aliens teleport themselves? There was a story where Martians were observing earth (in person)...
No I don’t believe so. They travelled on ships between planets from what I remember
But I suddenly felt like it was a Frank Herbert book and looking through his list I found it. “The Heavenmakers”

thank you for your time and help

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