(Found) Looking for the book where a lone human is saved by robots.


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Jun 25, 2015
Hi this story comes from late 70's ish. Apocalyptic tale where a lone human first finds haven and repairs a robot after a war (could be biowar too). He is constantly put back into suspended animation as his robots fix things, provide food (from the seeds in his pants cuff). Final scene he is awaken again and sprayed with something to tint the color of his skin to appear like a new native humanoid species. Commentary is by the robots who evolve into higher beings, who follow the main characters wishes for evolution not to be advanced through conflict.
Ooh, this sounds familiar! Not because I've read it, but because I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere on Chrons relatively recently -- perhaps even here in Book Search. I can't quickly find anything, but I'll have another look around -- though with luck someone with a better memory than mine might turn up soon!
You posted first, I'll give you that, but I'd got the link before you posted :p (I was going to add it as an edit, then thought better of it and started over with a new post, then as I was about to hit "Post reply" I got the notice that you already had so had to amend what I was posting. I'll shoot first next time!)

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