(Found) Can't remember book name or find it anywhere


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Oct 3, 2021
I read this book around 2018. It was a paperback missing the cover. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it and i really want to find it. I think it might have been a series but not sure. It had to do with a guy who had a space craft and worked for his dad's shipping company. But he did a lot of smuggling runs to places that needed help with supplies. He was being hunted by the main government. The government had a woman go to him to be a mechanic on the ship so they could try catching him. His mom was an assassin and his dad was a scientist. He had an android that he'd had as a kid. I remember something about monkey seeds and the Android. He had a heart condition. He was a trust fund type. I'm pretty sure that's how he was described. I remember something about his brother running for some position for government too. Like he hadn't seen his brother in years and they finally work together at the end I think. Please help me find this one