Post Apocalyptic - Involves cryosleep, robots, rocketship


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May 8, 2019
Media: Novel
Read: Mid-teens 1990s era (picked up from second hand store so story is likely older than i am)
Plot: Believe it started with mankind sending off a team of astronauts to go look for a new Earth to colonize. Something happened some kind of attack from rioters? the ship never launched as result. Protag wakes up from cryosleep approximately 200 years later, is either amnesiac or doesn't realize he's still on Earth for most of the plot until he recognizes antagonist, or antagonist recognizes him. Antagonist turns out to be from the same team as him but only woke up several years/decades prior. Antagonist is leader of backwards remnants of humanity since he's the only one that understands how anything works.
Setting: Post-apocalyptic Earth
Characters: Minor thuggish character named 'Bunny', henchman of the antagonist, and an automated sentry robot that decimates anyone who doesn't have the proper ID cards from 200 years ago.
Language: English
Cover details: Rocketship to the left, ruins barely visible in darkness. Large focus on protag being cornered by above mentioned sentry robot after exiting rocketship. Protag is lit up by sentry's search light.
Target audience: not teens due to vague memories of sexual scenes.
Ruled out: Asimov, Clarke.
I think so, might not have been his son? I do remember a secondary female character of some kind who mentions to be wary of Bunny who gets the name 'because he always has his ears on' or something to that effect. She stuck around for a while.
One story I remember-- OH wakes up from cold sleep, makes his way to the surface of the installation. Lots of action/adventure. Meets an old man who helps him. Old man is his son.
Not sure about that bit.

Remembered another bit of the story:
There's several chapters devoted to the protag trying to find a security badge so the robot guarding the launch platform and rocket stops trying to kill him whenever he's in the area. Needs the card either to salvage something important off the robot (vaguely remembering him going through the effort of blowing it up/disabling it), to reprogram the robot to help him or to get something off the rocketship he didn't know he'd need.
What was the shape/size of the robotic sentry? If it was shaped like a tank, one of Keith Laumer's Bolo stories called "Night of the Trolls" has a similar plot structure, but I don't think it's a complete match on the details that you've mentioned. You can read that story online courtesy of Project Gutenberg, if interested.