(Probably Found) Looking for Book - Post Apocalyptic Droit du Seigneur


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Nov 18, 2021
Another post-apocalypse book. Apparently, the apocalypse rendered all the males sterile, but one guy realizes that he is still fertile. I THINK he was in the army, and I seem to recall that he was a tank crewman.

Anyway, his job is to keep his community repopulated, and he basically becomes the local lordling. Of course, everyone in the town under 30 seems to look like him. I THINK the point of the story was discovery of another fertile male.
Last fertile man who drives a tank in a post apocalyptic world? That’s…

Masters of the Fist by Edward P Hughes (1989).

Goodreads: “…Baen collection of short stories about a village in post-Holocaust Ireland where the head honcho is the only fertile man left in the world, and has to grapple with the awful responsibilities of impregnating the local women.”

He acts like he's a lord, but the local elders are actually in control and making him do this because the elders know the real situation.

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