Post-apocalyptic military SF set in Africa


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Jun 9, 2021
This one has stymied me for a decade at least. In the 1990s, I read a piece of military sci-fi that was set in Africa. I'll bullet point what I can remember and indicate my level of confidence in my memory:

-it was set after some sort of calamity, nuclear or environmental, that the world was starting to slowly recover from. (certain)

-I believe there was much talk of everyone living in domed cities to ride out the catastrophe, but that was now past. (nearly certain)

-the main event was a future war set in Africa combining futuristic technology with the extreme resource depletion of the post-apocalypse world (as in, manpower and things like fossil fuels were lacking) (pretty sure)

-the protagonists were mostly either Americans or American-derived (pretty sure)

-the antagonists were some kind of racist or maybe cannibalistic (?) civilization that came out of Africa, maybe South Africa, and was conquering the continent (this is a bit fuzzy)

-the book was a sort of future milSF but not as I recall very well-written. Pulp-ish. Not likely to have been by a major author. (certain)

-the book may have had a one-word title that was pretty generic (not at all sure of this, but it would help explain why repeated searches over years have never come close)

-The book was in English, and I'm pretty sure I had a hardcover or large softcover edition. Not a trade paperback, at any rate.

-I read this in the 1990s. It may be older, but I would doubt it was older than, say, 1980s.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has an idea, and I'll be checking back regularly.
Pulpy… military sci fi… post apocalyptic… set in Africa… with biodomes and an emerging evil… I would guess this is Afrikorps by Bill Dolan. An early 90s “men’s adventure” series - I think 5 or 6 books.