(Found) Post-apocalyptic World, Future Earth with Magic


Oct 14, 2013
So, I am trying to remember the name of a book I read. It seems to be set on earth after society collapsed. Magic has replaced technology and is being used to heal the damage.

The apocalypse seems to have been an ecological one. For example, fields have to be planted on the ruins of cities because nothing will grow on the ancient farms where the soil has been exhausted by over-cultivation.

In the specific book, a female magic user is sent to a mine to investigate problems. I remember it mentioned in passing that in the mine they plant seeds which can grow into ore veins. In any event, it turns out there is a vault which contained nuclear waste before the world changed. It is now empty, but the fear of it was causing the concerns.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you for coming back to post your own answer. I am sure that future searchers will appreciate it.