Joe Abercrombie: A Little Hatred coming September 2019

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Nov 23, 2002

Joe Abercrombie has posted an update to his blog in which he announces a likely release date for his new trilogy, along with the book titles.

According to him, the new trilogy:

has 7 point of view characters, 4 men and 3 women, as well as a host of walk-on extras, many of them well known to readers of the First Law, and features at least one duel to the death, three major pitched battles and an awful lot of hangings. It takes place mostly in the Union and the North, some 30 years or so after the end of the first trilogy as the world moves into a more industrial phase.

Joe Abercrombie also says he expects the first book to be published in September 2019, with yearly intervals between the sequels.

So far the books in the trilogy have the following titles:

A Little Hatred
The Trouble With Peace
The Beautiful Machine

You can read more about his update here: Progress Report June ’18 | Joe Abercrombie

I also asked Joe about his new trilogy in an interview I did with him a couple of years ago - so if you want to get an idea of his thinking you can read The Joe Abercrombie Interview here.
Sounds good.
He also did an ask me anything on Reddit a few days ago and answered some good questions on the new Trilogy and his writing in general.
I had to sell my books because of relocation to another continent. I was just done with The First Law trilogy. I loved his characters!
I cannot wait for this. I'm re-reading the original series and loving it as much as I did the first time round. :)
Oh no. 'Next Generation' makes me wonder if we'll get a Troi-character.

"I will eat your face!!"
"Captain, I'm sensing... hostility."


I am looking forward to this, although I've been bloody awful at buying stuff I'd planned to buy. Still don't have the third Stormlight Archives novel.
Tempting, though my life is currently method acting the Life of Johnny McPoorperson, the Man so Poor Even Beggars Scorned Him. We'll see.
Can't wait.

Not at all jealous of his mad writing skills... honest... :whistle:

seriously, Joe Abercrombie is probably my favourite author.

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