Joe Abercrombie: A Little Hatred coming September 2019

Honestly seeing a furtherence of the First Law series excites me, especially seeing the idea of it moving into a more modern setting. It's a really exciting concept.
Got a signed copy winging its way in the post. I had a ticket for the signing event in Liverpool but hit bad traffic and then couldn’t find a parking spot so missed the event! :mad:
Too bad, Pedro. I am going to the bookstore tomorrow.
I'm listening to the audiobooks in the car at the moment to refresh my memory before starting A Little Hatred. Have the whole series on Audible.

Although I need to finish reading Ulff Lehman's Light in the Dark series before I start reading anything else.
I'm halfway through A Little Hatred and loving it. :)

Good to see some of the old gang :)
I’m listening to The First Law trilogy on audiobook before I start to remind me of the world and characters.

Good to hear folks are enjoying it
Just a question for anyone with it, to avoid spoilers - at the end of The Heroes, we see Bayaz turning the Union forces against Monza. However, I don't think we hear anything more about this in Red Country.

In which case, is it covered at all in A Little Hatred, even if nothing more than backstory? I'd like to know how that plot line developed. :)
Events in Styria do not come into the direct narrative in A Little Hatred. But it's mentioned that Monza has kept her grip on Talins and exerted power over all Styria to make her son, the King of Styria. Shenkt, Monza's protector, is setting up Styria as a third world power that is independent of Bayaz and Khalul.

Queen Terez, Jezal's wife, has pushed Jezal to fight Monza. Monza has defeated one (maybe two) Union invasions. Terez wants their son, Orso, to inherit both the Union and Styria to become Emperor.

Two points to remember... Terez is the daughter of Duke Orso of Talins who had almost become King of Styria. Prince Orso of the Union is named for his grandfather.

And... Monza's pregnancy resulted in a son, Rogont. Rogont is named for his father, King Rogont of Styria (for only five minutes). If you remember that chapter in Best Served Cold where Monza and Shivers are having intercourse (sexually and verbally) as the point of view shifts back and forth... until you realize they are not in the same room, then you'll remember that the paternity of Monza's son is unknown. I do not recall a physical description of Rogont.

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