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  1. ColGray

    First Law

    I've been burned out on Fantasy for a while now. Everything felt like it was intentionally puerile (Goblin Emperor), skinned romance (Maas) or heavily trying to be GRRM or Rothfuss (throw a cat) while reveling in tropes and laboriously insisting upon itself. I got around to borrowing The Blade...
  2. nixie

    What next

    This looks to be fun.
  3. Werthead

    The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie

    Book 3: The Wisdom of Crowds
  4. therapist

    Trouble With Peace (SPOILERS)

    How did everyone rate this book? I was very excited to read it. I loved all his previous books with the exception of Red Country. And this book had by far the highest rating on goodreads (4.65), so I thought I would love it. But for me I was slightly disappointed and didn't feel the ridiculously...
  5. therapist

    Red Country and Sharp Ends necessary before A little Hatred?

    I'm 40% through Red Country after reading the previous five books. Not loving it. Is it important to finish before A little hatred? Also, I only just learned the 'Sharp Ends' novella exists. That at least seems to contain alot of the central characters. I assume that one is important?
  6. Mister_Oy

    The Trouble with Peace

    Just started this - good to be back :)
  7. Brian G Turner

    Joe Abercrombie Special Editions?

    I noticed Amazon is selling a "Special Edition" of The Heroes instead of the normal Kindle ebook, which includes an introduction, short story, and additional notes Joe used to construct the novel: Are there any other...
  8. Boaz

    I have A Little Hatred... SPOILER ALERT!

    So, finally go the book today. This year, I've reread all of the novels and short stories regarding the world of The First Law to lead up to starting A Little Hatred. Just finished the first chapter. Sun < Wolf < Lion < Lamb < Owl. I think I know the Sun and the Lamb. But maybe not...
  9. Werthead

    The Age of Madness by Joe Abercrombie

    Book 1: A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie
  10. Brian G Turner

    Joe Abercrombie: A Little Hatred coming September 2019

    Joe Abercrombie has posted an update to his blog in which he announces a likely release date for his new trilogy, along with the book titles. According to him, the new trilogy: Joe Abercrombie also says he expects the first book to be published in September 2019, with yearly intervals between...
  11. Brian G Turner

    What a Joe Abercrombie rough draft looks like

    Joe Abercrombie has posted a page from a rough draft of his current WIP on Twitter - good to see even bestselling authors are constantly correcting and rewriting. :) Joe Abercrombie on Twitter
  12. Brian G Turner

    Joe Abercrombie's new First Law world trilogy

    Joe Abercrombie posts an update, and provides more details on the coming new First Law world trilogy: Progress Report August ’16 | Joe Abercrombie
  13. Brian G Turner

    Joe Abercrombie's Blade Itself - 10 year anniversary

    Joe Abercrombie reflects on 10 years as a published author: 10 Years | Joe Abercrombie
  14. Brian G Turner

    Sharp Ends: Stories from the World of the First Law

    Joe Abercrombie has announced that a short story anthology, set in the First Law world, will be published by Gollancz in April 2016: The stories are: A Beautiful *******: The Union army may be full of bastards, but there’s only one big...
  15. Brian G Turner

    Half a War - Joe Abercrombie

    Anyone read Half a War yet? If so, what did you think? I'm currently holding out for the ebook price to fall, but expect to get it later this year. :)
  16. Brian G Turner

    The Joe Abercrombie Interview

    With the third book in his Shattered Sea trilogy coming out on July 16th, and despite a gruelling schedule this year - that has seen him attend conventions across Europe and the USA, and a whirlwind signing tour of the UK - Joe Abercrombie was able to take time-out to speak to chrons... 1. I...
  17. Brian G Turner

    Half the World - Joe Abercrombie

    Have started this now, and the first chapter is a wonderful example of using a sense of unfairness to make the reader root for a character - very clever. And very important from the start, as we're now following a main protagonist named Thorn - though Father Yarvi is still very much in the...
  18. Brian G Turner

    Joe Abercrombie books reading order

    Here's a guide to the reading order for Joe Abercrombie's books: Firstly, there are currently three distinct set of books: First Law trilogy: The Blade Itself (2006) Before they are Hanged (2007) The Last Argument of Kings (2008) First Law world standalone novels: Best Served Cold (2009) The...
  19. Brian G Turner

    Half a King - discussion

    Have started reading this, and loving Abercrombie's use of language and use of concepts. Truly, it's like reading a master at work. Only criticisms are that the plot mechanics look potentially obvious from the start, and whenever Yarvi speaks, I hear Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon. :)
  20. Brian G Turner

    Half a War cover reveal

    The cover for Joe Abercomrbie's Half a War, sequel to Half a King, is revealed. And what a nice job they've done with it, too: