Help me remember this book!!


Jan 16, 2018
Hey guys and gals...

I'm looking for a title of a book. I'll give you a quick overview (as I can remember, been a long time) and hopefully you can help.

This guy was in prison and was sent into space. He was supposed to go around the sun and come back, except he changed the calculations and came back to earth a million years or so later. Meets up with this crazy woman that is chasing him around in a bubble car because he apparently fund a booth that would make him young by "cleaning" his cells. She wanted that info so she could be young. They end up getting young together after she chills a bit.

Anyone remember that story? Can you help a brother out??
I can't help with the book, as I've not come across this one, but I can move the thread over to Book Search where our more learned denizens congregate in the hope of such puzzles as these. If you can think of anything else that might help, such as when you read the book, that might just trigger a few ideas.
Yeah, that's right - it's Niven's 'World out of Time' - which I would have got, cattails, buzzard ramjets and all.
Someone moved this thread. Sent me an email saying so. They must have not deleted this one when they moved it. I'm sorry for the confusion.