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Help - remember reading the first few books in a series decades ago but cant remember the titles/Author


New Member
Feb 24, 2019
Remember reading the first few books in a series decades ago but can't remember the titles/Author. I remember that the books were set in a future where the Roman and Chinese Empires had expanded, met and clashed in the past; also a recollection about assassins/political upheaval. Suddenly came to mind and now have an urge to find and re-read them.


There Are Always new Things to Learn.
Jun 29, 2014
It sounds like the Chung Kuo y David Windgrove

If you want a good alternate history wiht the Roman Empire

Alan Smale's Eagle Trilogy:cool:
1. Clash of Eagles
2. Eagle in Exile
3. Eagle and Empire.

Welcome to Chons, You'll find this to be a great book site . Please keep posting here .:)