What Asimovian Doesn't Love Details?


Oct 23, 2008
Many fans are probably familiar with http://www.asimovonline.com/ and http://www.asimovreviews.net/ which contain a vast amount of details. I probably should have known about http://nightfall.info/asimov/ but didn't until it came to my attention via Darkday's post about PKD. The Asimov page packs a lot of punch in a small space and I thought I'd link to it here. I haven't examined details but the only things I see right away are that (1) while he includes the info on Robbie" under "Moderate Revisions" it really ought to be footnoted in the "Robot Stories" table, too, and (2) he describes The Bounds of Infinity under "Unfinished Stories" when it basically was finished as Robots of Dawn. But maybe those are just debatable quibbles.

There are also Clarke, Dick, and Silverberg pages and the Silverberg page points out that I need to correct a footnote in my The World Inside review.

Nifty site. :)