XIOMARA - a soundtrack for a cyberpunk motion picture that doesn't exist


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May 24, 2021
Been really busy recently working on Metal Made Flesh 4 so not had much chance to hang out here over the last month or so. I did get a little commission to write a short story for Nothingverse, the alter ego of Australian mashup artist Wax Audio, and their new album Xiomara - a concept soundtrack for a cyberpunk motion picture that doesn't exist.

Check out the music and read the story (free) at the link below the cover art:

thumbnail_Xiomara Cover.jpghttps://nothingverse.bandcamp.com/album/xiomara-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
Good stuff, real Kraftwerk feeling to the first track -fair play to you, will give the album a proper go later ...seems like ya gotta do the text to the music so one for a quiet time, thanks (y)
I'd say this has potential. Not ordinarily my kind of thing, but I could feel myself being drawn in.

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