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  1. B

    Isaac Asimov or Frank Herbert, Who is Greater?

    Which then is the greater in terms of their impact and influence upon Science fiction not only literature but all other mediums as well. Foundation or Dune ?:) And which of them do you think , is the better overall writer?:) Thoughts ?
  2. C

    Currents of Space

    Who of you is familiar with Currents of Space? Would you like my comments on the holes I find in plot/descriptions?
  3. Vertigo

    The Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov

    The Second Foundation is a book in two very separate parts; in the first The Mule is still trying to find the second foundation and dispatches a new mission to search for it with two very different people sharing command – one ‘converted’ and one not – and in the second a group of people from...
  4. H

    Second Foundation mental powers

    Did anyone else really like the descriptions of the powers the Second Foundation had and the way politics were carried out among mind-readers? Has anyone read fiction that incorporates similar ideas (guarding minds, slight mental manipulation, auras) that they really like?
  5. Vertigo

    Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov

    I first read and loved this trilogy as a young kid the best part of 50 years ago; I distinctly remember loving it and being hugely disappointed there weren’t any more books (it would be some years before Asimov wrote the prequels and sequels that are generally viewed much less highly). I don’t...
  6. R

    182 Asimov books

    I am selling my deceased fathers Asimov book collection , I count 182 in total, about half and half paperback and hard back, my dad was very thrifty and got them all from used book shops, I doubt are any rare ones in there. Can any one advise on the value sold as a lot ? My best guess is £100.
  7. A

    I, Robot on BBC Radio

    I haven't read any Asimov, but heard an episode of this new dramatisation while I was driving and was completely gripped. Anyone else been listening to it? The previous episodes are still available on i-player. BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama, Isaac Asimov's I, Robot I think it was the...
  8. Son of Valhalla

    Foundation's Edge (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    So I finished Foundation's Edge. Admittedly, even though the Foundation Series has easily become my favorite space opera one, I haven't finished... I know, I'm a faker. No, honestly, these books are loosely connected and they're individually exciting. So, question which may bring spoilers; what...
  9. Son of Valhalla

    How to Make a Foundation HBO Series

    How would anyone actually pull this off? A series that spans several thousand years just seems very difficult to accomplish. I mean, I suppose it could take place similarly to Star Trek in the form of individual episodes, but I'm not even sure that would work. So let's problem solve here. If...
  10. Ultragabu

    Why Ducem Barr and Lathan Devers went to Siwenna in Foundation and Empire?

    Hello. I'm reading Foundation and Empire for the first time and something is disturbing me. In the chapter 'To Trantor' Barr and Devers decide to go to Trantor for an audience with the Emperor so they can give him a message. The following chapter, 'On Trantor', begins with a description of the...
  11. D

    The Last Question - Religion

    Will Isaac Assimov's "Last Question" break any rules against discussion of religion on this community?
  12. A

    Asimov's robots today

    I am currently doing a research project into the possible engineering of Asimov's robots in books such as I, Robot. I was wondering if you would take a little time to take part in this survey at (www).[SURVEY] (take out the brackets) all responses are anonymous. If you would...
  13. Vertigo

    Foundation by Isaac Asimov

    In the far future psychologist Hari Seldon creates the new science of Psychohistory, applying the principles of psychology on a grand scale to the whole of society and using them to accurately predict the future of that society. Seldon predicts the fall of the great galactic empire and using the...
  14. AlanN

    Mickey Zucker Reichert

    Would you say the Susan Calvin series by this author are set directly after Asimov's I, Robot?
  15. John Thiel III

    Sighting of Asimov

    Just about the first science fiction book I ever saw, stuck on a library shelf with about twenty-five books of the same nature, was Asimov's THE CAVES OF STEEL. I was but a child; I read the first page of it and couldn't figure out what the book might be about at all from that opening page. I...
  16. Sigfrid von Shrink

    Pebble In The Sky by Isaac Asimov

    (My first time properly reviewing a novel, so please bear with me if it's a bit flappy - I found this a lot more difficult than I expected!) This was Asimov's first full-length novel, and the first of the loose grouping of Empire books. In a spoiler-free nutshell, a retired tailor from the...
  17. maeda

    Extensive Asimov Reading List

    So i had a desire to return to the first SF author i have ever read, always lacked time so postponing became rutine, and since my plan was to read all robot-foundation books, i knew it's gonna be a long task. Finally two months ago i just decided to start, and must tell you it's been a hell of a...
  18. AlanN

    Robot City/Robots and Aliens

    Hi. Does anyone know whereabouts these books fit in chronologically, in the list which includes the Tiedemann and Allen books etc. Thanks.
  19. L

    Identifying Asimov First Editions

    Hello everyone. I have been a sci fi fan since reading my first Heinlein book, The Door into Summer, about 25 years ago. Anyway, does anyone have a resource for identifying early Asimov first editions? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between a book club edition, and an early...
  20. R

    Not Asimov's Nightfall but...

    YA Novel Too Similar to Asimov's "Nightfall" ? It even has the very same name and identical plot basis: "Three teens inadvertently left behind on an island when other residents escape to avoid a 14-year period of darkness must contend with abandonment, terrifying creatures – and a world without...