Sci-fi far future book with super soldiers, space mechs, and a man with dragon tattoos. sorry that doesn't nearly sum this up


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Dec 31, 2023
This is sort of wishful thinking, because I can only remember very few details:
  • This was some sort of sci fi book.
  • two of the main characters were sisters who were very far apart in age (like thirty years) due to a near light speed/time dilation thing.
    • the younger sister is some sort of super genius. When she was on the space ship with the time dilation, there was an incident with the stasis pods, and everyone except her died due to some sort of fungus that grew in their lungs, choking them. due to her incredible intellect and traumatic experiences, she is a very brash character
    • the older sister was modified by their parents to have super healing
    • iirc, one of the sisters is also like the most incredible shot ever (i think the older), so great that she never misses, and is even able to hit the eye of one of the super super soldiers (their only vulnerability)
  • There were also two brothers, one who had a large dragon tattoo that covered up scars all over his body
    • the scars come from a super soldier operation, discussed later
  • there was some sort of mech pilot who falls in love with the brother with the dragon tattoo
    • The mech pilots have a surgical procedure, so they have lots of interfaces and stuff to mesh with the mech through like some sort of neural link. Inside the mech, the cockpit is an almost indestructible pod filled with gel, and whenever they are flying the mech, their senses make it feel like they are the mech.
  • The super soldiers are extra strong and extra fast, and their skin is replaced with some sort of synthetic that is almost completely indestructible. The brother with the tattoos almost became a soldier, but they just tortured him, so he ran away (he has the scars from his skin being re attached)
  • The super soldiers and mechs are made by either the government or a large company (either way, that organization is antagonistic to the characters I listed).
  • I think the sisters start the book/series on a plantation, and run away
  • The older sister gets some sort of weapon that vibrates really fast and can cut through early models of the super humans (who also have super healing).
  • Sorry that is all I remember, hope someone can find this book, and thanks so much in advance
  • oh yeah this book was published at least 6 years ago, but I don't know exactly when
  • It might be a series, I am pretty sure there were at least two