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Aug 19, 2013
Some very exciting news.

I have been approached by a Hollywood based screenwriter / producer who wants to have a crack at an adaption of Endeavour for the silver screen.

I will emphasize, this is the start of a very long process with many hurdles and potential failure points to overcome. That being said, we have an agreement in principle and are just wading through the legal issues and getting me appropriate representation. Fortunately, as he's come to me, several steps have been skipped, but there are still many more to go.

What we will have at the end of this initial process is a product that can be pitched to studios/investors. I'm rapidly trying to bring myself up to speed on this, but essentially this would be a screenplay, an executive summary and some other bits and bobs that you need to have. In other words, similar to a submission you would put to a publisher, but slightly more involved. If we can get some star interest... even better.

So, by no means is this me saying, "You will be seeing the movie on the big screen in three years." just that someone in the right industry, in the right place, with the right contacts, is going to do their level best for that to happen and is setting to work on the screen play.

At the very least, this will be an interesting foray into an area I never dreamed I would be going, with the screenplay sitting in development hell for all of time. At the most...

Hollywood calls!

To say these are exciting times is a huge understatement!
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Well. Wow. I am sure there will be many nights of no sleep and 'what if' plaguing Ralph. Congratulations, all. Here's hoping only the good what if's win out.
Bloody hell. Congratulations, and even if this doesn't come off, you know you're on their radar so it could happen either with something new in the future, or, if the proposal's put on ice, it could be defrosted later.
Sounds great! At the risk of being a party-pooper, amidst all the incredible excitement of this, I do hope you don't sign with someone who basically may (and I emphasise may) be using your book solely to try to get themselves pushed forward in Hollywood. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's a perfect idea, seemingly. But... what is the pedigree of the person? Back in the dim and distant past I put some screenplays of mine on Inktip, an online site where producers/directors/industry insiders could look at it, and contact you. I had a lot of interest and incredibly, a producer from a very small film company contacted me saying they loved the script, could we meet up? Are you kidding, when and where? We did meet, he did option my script (basically paid me a sum up front, with the contract saying more in a year) and I went away incredibly excited.

Here's the kicker: I never got the second year's payment and I found out how it works later from another writer who'd had his book optioned in the same way. Sign up 20 good scripts/books and pitch them all to the major studios/producers/directors and if one gets taken up, drop all the rest. It's that simple. It's kinda akin to sending out 10,000 emails saying I have money frozen in an account, and if I can use your bank account you can have most of it. I'm not saying the person approaching you is a con man but you have to be aware there are those out there who will work this way. What have you got to lose, you ask? The rights to sell your own work at a later date without giving money to this person; the rights to sell the screen rights at a later date without the same happening; the rights to exploit your book in other media associated with film/television.

You may have been approached by a chancer, who likes your book and thinks he could sell the script on, and he wants to get a piece of the action.
You may have been approached by a bona-fide producer who happens to live in Hollywood thinks he could sell the script on and wants to get a piece of the action.
You may have been approached by a bona-fide producer who actually has worked in Hollywood, who genuinely thinks the book will make a great film, and wants to push it for both of your sakes.

I do hope it's the third on that list, but don't sign anything until you have checked the pedigree of the the person involved and gone over the small print with the finest small-toothed comb you can find. If you lose the film rights to either of the first two, you may not get them back without protracted legal battles along the lines of: the film rights are owned by the producer/screenwriter and he won't sell them unless he's involved/paid a lot of your money. The film studios will say "thanks, but no thanks," and your chance may be gone, because of someone who's exploited a writer for their own ends.

Good luck with it, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong about those first two on the list!
And to add: bestselling book, author sells film rights to Movie company, receives mega money, the film company write the script, pay a scriptwriter to do it. BUT if a scriptwriter approaches a film company with a script of a book (with the author's permission) then no need to buy the film rights, so studio saves money and writer misses out - that's the main danger.
That's folks :)

And fear not boneman, that's part of the reason we have an agreement in principle at the moment rather than an unreserved 'yes' - due diligence is taking place. At the moment it 'feels' right, but until I know it is, and until I get my representation we're at a cautious but excited "maybe'.
Great news Ralph! That is really exciting. I love that space movies are getting some Hollywood blockbusters and once again people are showing interest in the genre. I can see the book being adapted and I for one hope it all happens.
The thing is and I must say this: you are so humble in sharing your news.

Also, you don't jump up and down and resist editorial input! You embrace it, breathe it in and make the story better.

Jennifer thinks you are amazing!

And you don't bleat on how successful this book has been and is being. I like that!

Rightfully so, you are focused on the future for you and I like that also. I am just pleased to be an extra on the whole show! AND at the same time you are working 15 hour days protecting us as an officer of the law in very difficult times!

10 out of 10 my friend!
Ooh, good luck, Ralph! I was going to say to contact Boneman, because I remembered his story from before, but he's already got in.

Do we get invited to the premiere??? (I'll settle for London -- no need for LA)
Thanks for the kind words everyone! Am trying not to get to carried away with this. It's a long way yet... But every journey begins with a first step!
Even more exciting is that I've read through one of this chaps screen plays. To say I'm impressed is another understatement... This guy is a true talent!
Great stuff Ralph - really hope it all comes off for you. It's a long haul, as you say, but awesome progress for sure.
Fantastic news! I missed this post until today so a bit late. Good luck Ralph, I hope it leads to great things.

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