Endeavour: The Movie

Thanks guys, :)

Just about got the agent sorted... a new venture in itself!
So sad I didn't see this thread sooner. That's awesome and good luck! Fingers crossed it all works out for you.
Thanks Warren.

I'm looking forwards to getting Erebus wrapped so can get cracking. But I do refuse to sacrifice quality just to move onto the next thing that has caught my eye.

We have worked out the opening scenes however. Its quite amazing how around 30 pages has been drilled down to 4, and that includes plucking a bit from later in the novel and using it as an opening scene. Also think we have some thing cool that, if it works visually will convey the passage of time and space well.
Screenwriting was my passion at Uni. I've got a hell of a lot of resources if you ever need anything such as movie scripts (Aliens, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, and many more). Also I recommend a book by Ray Frensham called Teach yourself screenwriting. He speaks a lot about the pitch and the harshness of the industry besides the Writing itself. It's very well balanced and has been my Screenwriting bible for many years. Sounds exciting but like you say it's a long process with intense financial scrutiny. The good thing about adaptations is they are financially viable compared to the newbie screenwriter. Storyboarding is much easier. They essentially have a treatment to work from already. Lots of companies are playing safe at the moment so for you to be approached is deffers a calling card for the future, however long it may be.

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