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  1. Brian G Turner

    Book Review: A Rain of Fire by Ralph Kern

    A Rain of Fire effectively re-imagines Dunkirk in a space setting, in which the Hegemony has invaded a planet of the Republic, and the Kingdom needs to retrieve its expeditionary force from one of the continents. The story is told from a handful of characters: a private on the frontline, a...
  2. ralphkern

    The Locus Series Cast

    For my fantasy league Netflix show, this is who I would cast for the Locus series: Jack Cohen (Wentworth Miller) Staff Captain Liam Kendricks (Lennie James) Commander Heather Slater (Robin Wright) Karl Grayson (Bradley Cooper) Laurie Reynolds (Emily Blunt) Captain Lars Solberg...
  3. ralphkern

    Endeavour Re-release

    I'm very pleased to announce that my first novel, Endeavour, has been re-released on all major e-book sites. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075GLRKW5/?tag=id2100-20 I books: Endeavour by Ralph Kern on iBooks Barnes and Noble Endeavour Google Play: Endeavour - Books on Google Play Kobo...
  4. ralphkern

    Expedition Cover Reveal

    Hello folks, I'm very proud to give a sneak peak of Expedition's cover. I think Tom has excelled himself with this one.
  5. ralphkern

    Locus Trilogy Soundtrack

    Off the back of the post about using msic for writing, these are the songs I use to set my mood when writing various scenes for the Locus Trilogy (Expedition at the moment): General theme - Ellie Goulding: Home I think it catches the wistfullness of the characters Other theme - Assassins...
  6. Brian G Turner

    Review: Unfathomed by Ralph Kern

    Lee Child meets Tom Clancy in this near-future thriller So I had a few minutes to kill and picked this up just to see what it was like. And - I know it's a cliche - but it grabbed me immediately and wouldn't let me go. The story is simple enough - the setting is 2024, and a state-of-the-art...
  7. ralphkern

    Unfathomed is out

    I'm very pleased to announce the release of Unfathomed, my latest novel. Until the 7th November, I will be keeping it at 0.99 cents / pence. If you choose to pick it up, I hope you enjoy! The M/S Atlantica, one of the most advanced cruise ships in the world, is lost. Land has...
  8. ralphkern

    Ralph Kern Puts The Worlds To Writes With Robert M. Campbell

    As some of you know, Robert M. Campbell is an author I've been raving about. I'm honoured to say, we've become buddies over the last few months and I have interviewed him as part of the series I have on SFFworld. Ralph Kern Puts The Worlds To Writes With Robert M. Campbell
  9. ralphkern

    Evolution of Unfathomed Coverart

    Hi, I thought I'd run through the evolution of the coverart for Unfathomed. As I was ramping up for the release of Unfathomed (or Uncharted as it was then), I already knew I wanted a Tom Edwards piece. For those who don't know him, Tom is simply one of the most spectacular digital painters in...
  10. ralphkern

    New release cover reveal

    Hey folks, I'm very pleased to unveil the cover for my next novel: Unfathomed.
  11. ralphkern

    Ralph Kern Puts the Worlds to Writes with Peter Cawdron

    Hello folks, Here is the latest interview on SFFWorld where I chat to one of my all time fave authors, Peter Cawdron about the subject of his latest novel - Martian Endeavour (no relation!). Ralph Kern puts the Worlds to Writes with Peter Cawdron: THE Lonely Planet.
  12. ralphkern

    Ralph Kern Puts the Worlds to Writes with Andy Weir

    Hello folks, I have a new spot on www.sffworld.com where I speak to authors about a theme, technology or event which features in their work. As some on here know, my 'day' job is a cop and as such, I thought it would be nice if in my first interview, I married my love of SF with my...
  13. ralphkern

    Keystoke Medium - Interview with Jacob Cooper

    Fantastic author and audio narrator, Jacob Cooper, is interviewed on Keystroke Medium. For those who are picking up Droflet and Jo's books on audio - you will recognise his rich, deep silky tones. :) @Gary Compton @Josh Hayes @Droflet @Jo Zebedee @ratsy
  14. ralphkern

    Interview with Keystroke Medium

    Really looking forwards to this interview with my bros in blue (including Josh Hayes) from across the pond. Links to follow.
  15. ralphkern

    A great review from our own Cathbad

    Cathbad wrote a great blog review for Endeavour. You can see it here: Cathbad's F&SF Short Story Blog: Endeavour, by Ralph Kern Thanks Cathbad. :)
  16. ralphkern

    Short Story: Steel Eye

    Steel Eye The first person to set foot on Mars… Will do so on the next mission. For veteran Astronauts, Emma Grant and Lee Maynard, the mission is less ambitious, but no less vital – achieve Mars orbit. But when the engine on their ship, Achilles, malfunctions, they are left adrift in space...
  17. ralphkern

    Badge of Honour

    I am very flattered to have my own forum on here. It seems a long long time ago since I first stepped foot in these forums (19th August 2013, according to the info page). I found this site through looking for places to market my then self-published novel. I quickly, and quite rightly, got...
  18. Brian G Turner

    Bibliography - Ralph Kern

    Novels Endeavour (Sleeping Gods 1) (2014) Erebus (Sleeping Gods 2) (2016) Explorations (Sleeping Gods 3) (coming soon) The Locus Trilogy Unfathomed (2016) Expedition (2017) Osiris (2018) Short stories Steel Eye (2016)
  19. ralphkern

    Erebus Audio Book Sample

    Woohoo, an audio sample for Erebus is up on Tantor's website: Erebus - Audiobook Great work by Shaun Grindell!
  20. ralphkern


    Ralph Kern: Erebus :) While war isn't the main focus (it's more a hard SF mystery/chase story) it has some of what you're after in. GET YOUR EREBUS COPY NOW AS THE 99C/99P OPENING PROMO ENDS ON 11TH JAN “You’re going to learn a thing or two about space-time. Probably more than you ever...