Endeavour audio book plus sample

Sample's a very good idea (not sure if it's standard procedure for an audiobook, as per an e-book).

That chap's voice reminds me of someone, and I can't think who...
He's done around 200 audio books before, so maybe one you've read? It's standard with Tantor to have a sample section, most of their books have them from the scout around the website I've had.

I know... Its just a pity that a certain scene at the end isn't going to be audiophied in its new sparkling guise, JLC. I suspect it might have been a little tough on the performer anyway.;)
No, I haven't bought an audiobook for years (no mp3 player). Hmm.
Some of the audio books he has narrated are things like the Colin Powell Biography, which I wouldn't be surprised if excerpts have ended up on Radio 4. Maybe you stumbled on that?

A few Tom Clancy novels.

And more applicably for an SFF board, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels.

But you're right... I'm sure I've heard him in a few other contexts too, maybe he's done some computer game voices, that's the only context I can think of off hand where I may have stumbled across him. I can't find anything to suggest he has though.
Well, must admit I'm pleasantly surprised by how much the audiobook of Endeavour seems to have taken off. Not being particularly well-versed on audio books I didn't have a clue what to expect.

In just over a week it has picked up three reviews and 17 ratings giving it a 4.5 star rating.


(Also another audio sample on there)

Rather interestingly, they divide up the rating.

5 star - 11
4 star - 3
3 star - 3
2 star - 0
1 star - 0

5 star - 9
4 star - 5
3 star - 3
2 star - 0
1 star - 0

5 star - 10
4 star - 4
3 star - 3
2 star - 0
1 star - 0
With that many ratings, I would think sales must have been fairly good too! well done
I'd hope so. In the first few weeks of the book release, I was looking at about 10 sales = 1 review. That has faded to more like 40-50 to 1.

I don't have any kind of real time sales data to look at unlike on Amazon, and I have to work off the advance before I actually get any cheques through the mail. So a bit of a mystery at the moment what it'll translate to in terms of pay.
That division makes sense for the author/actor. Glad it's doing so well :)

I just wish I could remember who that chap's voice reminded me of.

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