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Aug 19, 2013
Hey Chronners,

I'm doing the Birmingham Half Marathon on October 19th to support Cancer Research UK.

I just wanted to see if any of your good selves can be parted from your hard-earned cash in order to build up some good karma. (And therefore fate will help you sell lots of books, get an agent/publisher, win an award etc)

If so please donate on my Just Giving (for those that don't know it's a safe and secure way of donating money to charity and allows you to apply gift-aid)

Nice one, I have added a small donation (the wife and I have a direct debit set up to give to cancer research UK but a little top up is worthwhile). Statistics show that we are 50% likely to get cancer at some time in our lives now, so this is one of the biggest and most important things we need to see defeated, I doubt anyone on here has been totally unaffected by cancer at some point in their lives - be it family, friends or themselves.

Good work, and good luck.
Thankyou very much. A great cause and keep up the good work Quel.

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