Charity appeal from Torchwood star

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Oct 20, 2013
9th September 2009 05:09 AM

David Allen

Kai Owen is better known as Rhys Williams the on screen husband of Gwen Cooper or is it Williams, played by Eve Myles in the BBC hit sci-fi show Torchwood.

However, Kai Owen is on the look out for some real life heroes of his own, as he takes time out of filming to lend a hand for the Save The Children’s push to recruit more volunteers.

Save The Children are in desperate need of volunteers in the Welsh region, this is not a job or even volunteering on a massive scale, all that is required is that when the time is right and funds are needed, these volunteers drop everything and raise funds for the charity.

According to Save The Children, they need people that can leap into action at the time of crisis, to help the charity to reach out to children caught up in by disaster.

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