Steven King new charity book!


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Aug 22, 2007
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Humble Bundle just put up a charity bundle with a totally new, unique unpublished (well until now?) book by Steven King!
Whilst I'm not a fan of his writing (ok ok I'm just not a reader, I'll likely get to it at some stage) I'm aware there's a good few here too if memory serves - so here's a link to all the details :)

*casts greater summon Frood spell*

*casts greater summon Frood spell*


That’s some powerful magic, that.

I’m not quite the ardent King fan that I was in my hyperbolic youth, and haven’t enjoyed/kept up with much of his stuff in the last few years, but I might take a look seeing as it’s for charity.
For a moment I thought this thread was about this little tidbit, that's been making the rounds on my Stephen King feeds this weekend:

Steven King.jpg

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