Reins of Destiny short story in e-format


Lochaber Axeman, QC
Feb 9, 2008
Reins of Destiny, a short story set at the time of the High Kings' overthrow, 500 years before Arithon and Lysaer show up in the Wars of Light and Shadow, is now available at Janny Wurts' Paravia Store:


Check it out. It does have a number of interesting tidbits that are vital to the overarching story. The third short-story, Child of Prophecy (perhaps the most important prequel for the series) will shortly be posted on the Paravia Store, the first, The Sundering Star, already being up.
You can get a kindle reader for your PC for free, you do not need some fancy little gadget to read the books. And if you read it on the PC your cover will be in colour, which not all the gadgets can do. There are a few free ePub readers as well some of which are add-ons for browsers. But I prefer the kindle format.
The thread had 92 views in under a week? Does that mean dekket and Clansman viewed it a lot, or are there are a lot of lurkers interested in Janny's newest ebook?

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