Destiny's Conflict - Spoiler free discussion


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Feb 19, 2008
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I had a look, and couldn't find a thread yet to discuss the recently released book 'Destiny's Conflict' by Janny Wurts. It is the 10th book of 'The Wars of Light and Shadow' series.

Seeing I finally found and bought the book yesterday, I thought I'd start the discussion thread on Janny's latest work.

I have only just started it, but I do appreciate the Sword of the Canon Timeline with relevant dates that is included at the start of the book.

Has anyone else been reading Destiny's Conflict?
I finished it ages ago, but never started a spoiler thread here since the place seemed deserted. Nice to see there are signs of life.
So it has taken me a couple of days, but I have finished Destiny's Conflict.
I must say that I really enjoyed it, and it has enlightened me on a bunch of threads that Janny had woven through the saga.
Unfortunately now the wait has started again for the final book.

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