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  1. aussie500

    Song of the Mysteries - Preview One

    A glimpse of Song of the Mysteries, nothing too spoilerish. http://www.paravia.com/cgi/discus/show.cgi?tpc=2048&post=44623#POST44623
  2. Clansman

    THE GALLANT: Verrain's back story in a novella

    Over the last twenty years, I've seen a lot of fans of Janny's Wars of Light and Shadow series ask for more of Verrain, Master Spellbinder but not-quite-Fellowship-Sorcerer who lives in the middle of a abomination-infested swamp that contains the worst nightmares of drakespawn crossbreeds...
  3. aussie500

    Destiny's Conflict audio book

    Seems audible will be releasing the audio version of Destiny's Conflict early next year. Janny has listened to a couple of potential readers already, and is busy helping out with the pronunciation of all those unusual words. At the moment the release date seems to be January 25th, but I would...
  4. dekket

    Destiny's Conflict - Spoiler free discussion

    I had a look, and couldn't find a thread yet to discuss the recently released book 'Destiny's Conflict' by Janny Wurts. It is the 10th book of 'The Wars of Light and Shadow' series. Seeing I finally found and bought the book yesterday, I thought I'd start the discussion thread on Janny's...
  5. aussie500

    Destiny's Conflict pre-release look.

    Janny has posted the look at Chapter set 1 up on the Paravia chat site, to get us all excited for the release early next month. Janny Wurts Chat Area
  6. B

    Destiny's Conflict - Release Date Announced

    It has now been confirmed that Destiny's Conflict, the penultimate book in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, has a publication date of 7 September 2017.
  7. Clansman

    New Atheran short story on the horizon

    In the Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology, which we can actually support. The stretch goal for Janny's story has been reached, but if a few more goals are met, each supporter gets more stuff, and the authors get paid a bit more, which can't be a bad thing. Here's a link: Evil is a Matter...
  8. Clansman

    Janny Wurts does AMA on Reddit today at 7pm CST (1 a.m. GMT)

    Here's the link. You can post a question, and she is honour-bound to answer, so long as it is not a spoiler for the new book she's about to finish, Destiny's Conflict. https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/3pi58b/hi_im_janny_wurts_fantasy_addict_reader_author/ BTW, an AMA stands for "Ask...
  9. Clansman

    New Audiobooks May 27, 2014!!!

    Simon Prebble is narrating the soon to be released Master of Whitestorm, and Emily Gray is doing Janny Wurts' first novel, Sorcerer's Legacy. Both are to be released on May 27, 2014. Janny Wurts is really excited about having both of them on board, apparently "yell[ing with] pure delight", and...
  10. Clansman

    Child of prophecy short story e-book!!

    This is probably the most important short story, which takes place shortly after the overthrow of the five kingdoms, five hundred years before the events in Curse of the Mistwraith. This story answers a lot of the questions about the back story leading up to The Wars of Light and Shadow, and the...
  11. Clansman

    Master of whitestorm e-book!!!

    Good to see this fantastic title available again! Korendir, who many readers see at a prototype of Janny Wurts' main protagonist Arithon in the Wars of Light and Shadow, is that kind of driven character that gives absolutely everything of himself. Big message to me in this story is the...
  12. Clansman

    Desinty's Conflict snippet at paravia.com

    Yes, another snippet, and its a good one! http://www.paravia.com/cgi/discus/discus.cgi Of course, this raises a lot of questions, and answers almost none, but it still feels good to read it!
  13. Clansman

    Janny Wurts on AMA at r/fantasy OCT. 15!

    You can ask any question you like, starting now. The 'cast will be at 7 p.m. CST (1 a.m. GMT). Ask your questions throughout the day, and Janny Wurts will answer them live in just a few hours. Here's the link...
  14. Clansman

    Reins of Destiny short story in e-format

    Reins of Destiny, a short story set at the time of the High Kings' overthrow, 500 years before Arithon and Lysaer show up in the Wars of Light and Shadow, is now available at Janny Wurts' Paravia Store: http://www.paravia.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=23_41 Check it out. It does...
  15. Clansman

    Great Deal on Wars of Light and Shadow e-books!

    Just found this out from Janny's web site. Her publisher is putting on a fabulous sale on the first 3 books in the Wars of Light and Shadow series in e-book format. Curse of the Mistwraith is a mere $0.99 US; Ships of Merior is slightly more at $1.99 US; Warhost of Vastmark is $3.99 US; These...
  16. A

    Daughter of the Empire

    Wondering if there are any here who are fans of Wurtz's collabration with Feist? I have tried the non-Riftwar books by Wurtz. While decent, they just dont grab me like the Empire collaboration. Which begs the question, at least for me, how much of the collaboration was Feist how much was...
  17. Clansman

    Janny wurts' webstore

    Well, a nice big map of Athera is making its way to my door, courtesy of the new Maitz and Wurts Studio Shop found here: http://www.paravia.com/catalog/ Most, if not all, of Janny Wurts' and Don Maitz' (he is her husband/life partner, for those of you who do not know. He did the covers on the...
  18. Clansman


    Janny Wurts was recently interviewed on a new audio internet show now in the cloud. The show is called The Author's Connection Show, and here is the link: http://www.mixcloud.com/RadioEarNetwork/author-janny-wurts-on-authors-connection-with-susan-klaus-and-joe-dobzynski/ I have listened to...
  19. Clansman

    DESTINY'S CONFLICT: Progress Update

    The last update on Janny Wurts' website has her past the 200-page count on the manuscript for this, the penultimate book in The Wars of Light and Shadow, namely The Sword of the Canon: Destiny's Conflict. I won't speculate on release time, as from what I have gleaned from the author's site is...
  20. dekket

    Destiny's Conflict: Speculation SPOILER WARNING!!!

    Now that IT is out, is it about time to start a Speculation thread for the new Wars of Light and Shadow book? In which case, it is just a wild far out musing, but does anyone think that in the final two books something terrible from beyond the Northgate may be destroying the great drakes, and...