3.10: Queen of Hearts


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Jan 22, 2001
Morgana has visions in which she sees Guinevere becoming Queen of Camelot. In order to prevent her visions from coming true she plots to have Gwen branded a witch and being burnt at the stake. Merlin must quickly devise a plan to save Gwen but it leads to disasterous results for himself.

What did everyone think of this episode?

We are nearing the end of the season now, only 3 more episodes left I believe. I have a feeling there will be no further development on the Arthur/Gwen storyline now as it was quite neatly rounded off in this ep, presumably even Morgana thinks they were both enchanted.

Gwen is now up to speed with Morgana's evil tendencies which will doubtless be of use to Merlin in his quest to... prevent her from taking over Camelot? But saving her if she is about to die. Unless he is poisoning her. Something along those lines.

I chuckled at old man Merlin. Yes, Merlin, when you are at the peak of your fame and doing glorious things that is what you will look like! It was also rather sweet that Arthur seemed to recognise him.
For the second week in a row I was pleasantly surprised.

Once again I was expecting a run of the mill episode, but it turned out to be a lot of fun in the end, what with an old 'traditional' Merlin running around, and the Arthur Gwen relationship being let out of the hat.

Of course it went straight back in again by the end of the episode, but the reset button seems not to have been quite pressed. Arthur and Gwen remain aware of their feelings for one another.

The growing number of regulars who know about Morgana is increasing.

And there, despite the ribbing from Arthur, the bond between the future king and Merlin is still quite strong. I'm still not convinced that Arthur does not know on some level all that Merlin is doing for him, and just dares not speak about it, knowing where that will lead.

A number of times this season Arthur ha backed Merlin up, standing up to his father (and for Gwen).

I still have a feeling that something is going to happen at the end of the season, something game changing (but I'm prepared to be wrong)

Incidentally Merlin has been renewed for a 4th series, but the episode count has been dropped to 10 episodes (Possibly to accommodate changes in Doctor Who's format)
I loved this ep, nearly made me bawl my eyes out! Plus, old Merlin was hilarious.
Sorry, but I still just kept thinking, "Why is this stupid man still their King?" He sees magic and magicians in every corner of his kingdom, except the one right in front of his eyes. And all the people he executed and exiled have done nothing to remove magic from his kingdom. He is a failure.
I still have a feeling that something is going to happen at the end of the season, something game changing...
You don't mean? No, I don't think so either!
I actually caught a bit of this, having never really watched Merlin before. I found Old Merlin absolutely hilarious! Can't say anything about the acting overall, again because I haven't watched it, but the guy did Old Man well. I loved his rant at Arthur and the King while disguised. 'Cos you totally would if you could do it without being recognised!

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