House of the Dragon: 1.10 - The Black Queen


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Aug 21, 2007

While mourning a tragic loss, Rhaenyra tries to hold the realm together, and Daemon prepares for war.
IMDB score: 9.4 Runtime: 59 minutes
Luke and Aemond should have watched How To Train Your Dragon to keep those two bad boys under control.
As you already know from Reberg's post, the second season has already been approved and it's already in the centre of the gossip in various sites. All because Princess Rhae's dragon didn't spit roast the usurpers. It was the moment that could have changed the Westeros history from bloodshedding to more peaceful and prosperous times. We can't have that in GRRM's tale, can we?


The Black Queen claimed that she'd be back on dragon back as soon as they'd settled the family back in the Dragonstone. Not that the young one wanted to really be a Lord of Driftmark, because Luke thought of going to sea were making him sick, even though he has lived most of his life by the sea and done trips all over the place.

Maybe the truth is that he has seen too much already, and he knows that the time in power is anything like they illustrate in fantasies. The Black Queen told him that she wasn't ready to run the Seven Kingdom's, and she needed time to inherit the power, even though... there never is enough of time. She most certainly weren't ready to hear that the Old King had passed and Aegon II had been crowned as the successor.

Princess Rhae also left conveniently out of the detail that she could have solved the problem in the Temple of Seven. Daemon were convinced that Viz "were slain," instead of trying to find the truth on the matter. In fact, he saw some truth while others were muddled as he said, "That whore of a Queen murdered my brother and stole his throne. And you could have burned them all for it."

Man :LOL: what did I said about the matter? :ROFLMAO:

GRRM didn't approve, but I'm certain he'd his own moment of giggling with the matter as he wrote in the detail. The princess didn't even blink as she replied, "A war is like to be fought over this treachery, to be sure." Not hers, for sure.

Daemon replied with, "Mmmm." :LOL:

"But that war is not mine to begin."

That is the argument. She knew it was going to cause a war, but she failed to see that the capitulation of opposing power structure at the point would most certainly led to a peace after the turmoil and shock. Who would've been there to oppose the rightfully named heir?

She departed with a warning, "The greens are coming for Rhaenyra. And for your children. You should leave Dragonstone at once."

Why it caused her to go into labour? I don't know, but Prince Daemon weren't interested about the details either as he gathered his war council, while the Black Queen were crying in the background. :cry:


I get why Daemon chose not to go to see his Queen, because I've been in his place, hearing those shouts, cries of pain. It is a dark place that puts tears in my eyes, because it is not a happy place. Quite the opposite. It is a hell and in his place, Daemon most certainly chose to avoid visiting the Lady and focusing on the important bit, because the war is coming thanks to failed attempt to strike peace.

Questioning the Kingsguard were most certainly a right thing to do, as he asked, "Do you acknowledge the true line of succession?" with his hand on the sword hilt.

"Yes," the men answered. "Yes, my Prince."

Daemon glanced the boy and asked, "Do you recall who King Viserys named as his heir before his death?"

"Princess Rhaenyra."

Daemon nodded. "Hmmm... I'm grateful for your long service to the crown. So I'm presenting you with a choice..." As the red dragon crawled out from behind the rock to eye at the geezers. "Swear anew your oath to Rhaenyra as your queen, to Prince Jacerys as the heir to the Iron Throne. Or if you support the usurpers, speak now and you will have a clean and honourable death. But if you choose treachery, if you swear fealty now only to later turn your cloaks... know that you will die. Screaming."

Only after then he went to see mum and the dead child.

Man, I cried for her and for their loss. The whole scene was made so perfectly, but I could not understand why the dragon were playing in her vision.


"I swear to ward the Queen..." Ser Steffon Darklyn announced, putting immediately tears in my eyes despite the fact that the waterworks had not stopped. It was just a different kind of feeling because I'd been expecting this since the episode 1. "...with all my strength and give my blood for hers. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall guard her secrets. Obey her commands. Ride at her side and defend her name and honour."

Five minutes and a spliff later, we can continue. Long live the Queen.

What should have been has to be now be bought with Blood and Fire. I finally get the title. Bravo Grandmaster Martin.


The Plan. It came with a wine and acknowledge of her leadership. The first question, "What is our standing?"

"We have 30 knights, a hundred crossbowmen and 300 men-at-arms. Dragonstone is relatively easy to defend, but as an instrument of conquest, our army leaves a lot be desired." No sh1t Prince Daemon. Dani had 10 000 men in Unsullied when she went to knock the doors of the Red Keep. "We have sent word to my loyal men in the City Watch. I'll have some support there, but I cannot speak to the numbers."

"We already have declarations from Celtigar and Staunton, Massey, Darklyn, Bar Emmon," the Maester announced.

The Black Queen looked at the board and said, "My mother was from Arryn. The Vale will not turn cloak against their own kin."

"Riverrun was always a close friend to your father, Your Grace," the Maester replied. "With Prince Daemon's acquiescence, I've already sent ravens to Lord Grover."

The Queen weren't happy as she knew that Westeros is full of fat landowners who'll turn on important matters just the way the wind blows. When the North was mentioned, the Queen announced, "Lord Borros Barathon will need to be reminded of his father's promises."

SeaSnakes are to be seen swearing loyalty. So...

"What about our enemies?" The Young Queen asked.

"We have no friends among the Lannisters," Daemon answered. "Tyland has served the Hand too long to turn against him. And Otto Hightower need the Lannister fleet. Without the Lannisters, we are not like to find any allies west of the Golden Tooth."

"No," Daemon answered. "The Riverlands are essential, Your Grace."

Then the question about the dragons. The greens have three, while the Blacks have, "Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys. Your sons have Vermex, Arrax, and Tyraxes. Baela has Moondancer."

The concern. "Daemon, none of our dragons have been to war."

"There are also unclaimed dragons," Daemon answered. "Seasmoke still resides on Driftmark. Vermithor and Silverwing dwell on the Dragonmont, still riderless. Then there are the three wild dragons, all of whom nest here."

"And who is to ride them?"

"Dragonstone has 13 to their 4. I also have a score of eggs incubating in the Dragonmont."

So loads and loads of dragons and riders. More than three that the greens can produce. If you think them as force multipliers, they have a tiny but strong force just sitting on Daemon and the Black Queen's disposal. Only if they'll take Harrenhall...


"Where is the Princess?" the Hand asked.

Her entrance was magnificent, locking in the Hand's party most conveniently. She walked straight through them, crown on her head, displeased look on her face, to hear the Hand's message to the Princess, not the Queen.

The terms, kneel to the crown and keep the land, while her sons goes to "high places in the Court," or otherwise it'll be war. I especially loved when the Queen called the Hand as "****ing traitor," and yet, she allowed him to leave.

Daemon wasn't happy about any of it. He told the Queen on a choke point, "My brother was a slave to this omens and portents. Anything to make his feckless reign appear to have purpose. Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did."

Even though Seasnake swore loyalty, the Young Queen acted wisely as she didn't wanted to be the first one to act, but to see the loyalty of her allies. By sending dragonriders to see to it. Queens own firstborn sons as messengers, not as warriors.

Luke in his task were cocked for facing Aemond


Why she's pissed? Daemon went to see her and her wrath very carefully. Is that because of the egg business?

I wondered about it for a while until I saw the reason with Vagar killing Arrax and Luke. Just because Aemond couldn't control the beast. Maybe he's not as powerful as he thinks...


9/10 Gorgeous Episode. Bravo.
Luke and Aemond should have watched How To Train Your Dragon to keep those two bad boys under control.
I'm so glad that I didn't read your post, before I saw the conclusion. I shouted at my screen for him to dive and stay low. Didn't listen. Snap and we'll now have an angry Queen. She was properly pissed.
Well that was a good ending to what I would consider a very good season.

I think this season has done exceptionally well because this has mostly been a setup season, moving pieces on the HotD board so we knew who they were and why they were there.

The characters felt compelling and believably human - motives and decisions seemed to always be in character.

The highlight of the season for me was Episode 08 - Paddy Considine was fantastic despite my initial misgivings and he really deserves some award recognition.

This particular episode had some amazing shots - like Vhagar at Storms End being as big as the castle, or when Vhagar flew over Arrax and dwarfed him in his shadow.

I had serious doubts about this show - especially considering the time jumps I knew were going to happen, also considering that it came off the back as one of the worst season finishes to one of the best ever shows.

I applaud the cast and the team - fantastic effort and I wait with anticipation for Season 2.
This particular episode had some amazing shots - like Vhagar at Storms End being as big as the castle, or when Vhagar flew over Arrax and dwarfed him in his shadow.
Did you feel that this episode planning session was long?

They covered all the basis and provided background to a lot of things that we were given no info in the season. Like the Starks and what's happening in the Winterfell. My eyes rolled when they told us about the Lannisters and I thought they'd never be on the side of the Young Queen. But in the essence, I thought it went on and on for a little bit too long.
An example of GRRM...

And yet, here we are. ““It’s a big, big book, I’ve said that before. It’s a challenging book. It’s probably gonna be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the series,” Martin recently said on a livestream for Penguin Random House. “Dance with Dragons and Storm of Swords are the two largest books in the series, they were both about 1,500 manuscript pages. I think this one is going to be longer than that by the time I’m finished with it, and I think I’m about three-quarters of the way done, maybe? But that’s not 100 percent done, so I have to continue work on it.

WoW according to him is larger than 1500+ pages. That is a lot of drama. But in his defence, if Princess Rhae had acted in the temple of Seven, we wouldn't have Luke and Arrax's death.
Luke and Aemond should have watched How To Train Your Dragon to keep those two bad boys under control.
I was expecting a roasting, not a gobbling.
Kids and dragons! They fool around and fool around -- until somebody gets hurt!

One season gone, and I am not loving this spin-off. Where's the moral compass?
If the objective of this series is to avoid accusations of remaking GOT in its own image, congratulations are in order. Settings, political intrigues and (thankfully) dragons, have survived. Character integrity, tragically, has not. I am still waiting for someone I can cheer for.
This opening season seems to have been a condensed depiction of the House Targaryen decline and decay. I would have liked some small indication that a more inspiring, even marginally more likable replacement regime, is coming.
I'm not feeling optimistic.
The scene where they lit up the table map of Westeros was brilliant. That was the highlight of the episode for me.

As for moral compass. I think we will find that in the minor characters like the Cargyll twins.
I have thought for a while about the moral compass and think that is reminded me about is GRRM's love for the War of the Roses, and Viv's actual depiction about it. War of the Roses was so bloody, that it became the culmination of the poisonous relationships between the Royal household and the Nobles. It was essentially Houses vs Houses.

It's just it never as such thing, but we know that for centuries before, after the Romans left, nobody conquered the Britain. As the societies developed, the Houses stagnated. Nothing renewed, except the Houses were having fights all over the place as to who's going to sit on the throne next. It's what we'll see in the GoT time and again.

It's probably the reason why Westeros is stagnated in the medieval period by the time GoT happens, instead of being able to progress further in the technological ladder, even though they've had plenty of time to invent all sort of things. Starting with a steam engine.

In the Westeros defence, I believe it's Maesters banning the technological progress as heretical ideas that keeps them from developing into renascence or further. And it doesn't help them that the greed plays a major role in the dictatorship that is the Seven Kingdoms. In some ways it also reminds me about the North Korean and the Kim dynasty as they've evidently done notorious things in just recent years. And for them, the Game of Thrones is an everyday thing.

So the moral compass is the one that we possess on knowing what's good and bad, and knowing what's evil. The most intriguing character in that respect to watch is the Cruel Prince, Daemon and compare him to Aemond's actions. Others might venture into their territory, but they are, at the end of season 1, the most obvious anti-heroes, the bad boys.
The key moral is that if you are weak and inoccent you better not be anywhere near the Game of Thrones!

I felt like I wanted to watch more at the end of the episode. A very good latter part to keep us interested. But I would have liked a bit to have gone on, as was a tad slow overall. Anyway a quality end to a mostly high quality season.

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