Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Wow, wow, wow. I am amazed. I didn't even think it was possible. This must have been "the secret project" Filoni mentioned at the end of the Rebels. It will be interesting to see if they're going to show more about the Order 66 and the demise of the Jedi or give more depth to the Darth Vader and the Emperor relationship. Was that Ventress standing behind Ashoka?

Another possibility comes into my mind as we now how that Ashoka also went to the the Force Temple with Ezra is that this Ashoka might be a reflection from the future. All we know is that there is going to be a huge balance shift in the power as the Jedi order diminishes as the Emperor turns them to the Inquisitors and other servants of the Sith.

Man, look at me, already speculating on the plot lines and the powers in the Lucas Universe. After all it's his creation, so as I call TWD world Kirkman's world, LucasVerse should be equal. Any ways, thank you Disney and Dave Filoni for making this miracle real.

This is so unreal!
Saved, the Clone Wars are! The shocking news from Comic-Con that the beloved animated series would return for 12 final episodes means Clone Wars has a chance to truly finish on its own terms. But in the five years since the show came to its end, we’ve learned about a lot of stories the show had planned on telling, but didn’t have the chance. So what exactly are we about to see?

Plans had already been made for up to eight seasons of Clone Wars when Disney bought Lucasfilm, but the series ended after six (although a truncated set of episodes dubbed The Lost Missions was cobbled together on Netflix to make that sixth half-season). In total, we know of 12 such stories, four-episode-long arcs that would’ve eventually brought the story of Clone Wars to an end. Some of those storylines have lived on in other forms—as books and comics, as packaged early-stage story reels, and others simply as stories, shared with fans as a look at what could’ve have been.

Given that the show’s newly-announced return is for just 12 episodes—three of those four-episode arcs—and we only have a certainty about one of the arcs that will actually be included, it remains to be seen which will become parts of Clone Wars farewell tour, and which will be left unfinished. Here’s a rundown on each arc that we’ve learned about over the last five years.

I'm happy if they gives us a connection to the Rebel's Jedi Temple and show us Ventress and Maul storylines. But even cooler would be if they showed us Vader getting order and guidelines to complete Jedi eradication by submitting captured Jedi's into the Inquisitor program. I'll doubt we see Vader meeting with Thrawn even though it's possible as these twelve episode are each an hour long.
Earlier this year, fans had to say goodbye to the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels, but producer Dave Filoni confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would get a final season next year after being unexpectedly canceled in 2014. With fans clamoring for new episodes since the series' cancellation, Filoni admits there's a new pressure he has to handle with crafting new stories, but he ultimately has to stick with his gut as a storyteller.

"With Clone Wars, I will say there is a bit of pressure because, obviously from [the reaction to the new season], the people loved it. I mean, they grew up with it. It was massive," Filoni shared with "So I do feel the pressure of wanting to make something amazing for them, and I challenge myself to not take the easy outs in the story and not do simple things."

The series explored the events that unfolded between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, focusing on the exploits of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and the all-new character Ahsoka Tano. For a generation of young fans, the animated series was their entry point into the galaxy far, far away. With the younger viewers now maturing, Filoni aims to evolve his storytelling as well.

"We're also working at certain points with some material that we had written in the past, and so I've gone back and looked at it because I'm a different storyteller, and I think a better storyteller now," Filoni detailed. "And how do we improve things, you ask yourself. I mean, we do that every season, in all honesty, so, in the last season, Rebels should be significantly better than the first. And the same is true for Clone Wars. So now how do I take a show that we stopped making five years ago and make it better than it was? That's the challenge. We're not just recreating it. We are continuing it, and we have to make it better."

The balance between whether to give fans what they want versus giving them what is right for the story ultimately comes down to following his instincts.

"I would say everything I do is always more gut. I mean, I like to think that, at heart, I'm still a fan despite having done this for a long time," the producer explained. "And that you just hope when you tell a story that people like the story you're telling, as well."

He added, "That's all you can really gamble on because I can't make a story necessarily for somebody else, in a way. You know what I mean? I can't take a bunch of data and, 'Well, people are into this, let's do it.' I think some people are very gifted at that, but it doesn't seem to be something that I do. I have to believe in what I'm doing, and what I'm saying, and try to make the characters come to life that way."
Dave Filoni Details the "Pressure" of Delivering New 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Episodes
Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled following Disney’s 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm because the fan-favorite animated series was getting “too graphic,” says Boba Fett voice actor Daniel Logan.

“Disney, they cancelled it, I think it was getting a little too graphic — actually, it was getting really graphic,” Logan said at London Comic Con. “Boba was doing some really, really cool stuff. He started actually becoming a bounty hunter.”

Logan, who portrayed a young Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones before reprising his role in the animated series, added “at the time, it was just too graphic, I think, for what Disney was used to.”

“We’d actually recorded seven episodes that didn’t get aired,” Logan said, pointing to an unfinished episode that would have pit Fett against Cad Bane.

“So there was so many episodes that was coming up, and Boba was just doing some really cool stuff.”

Before the plug was pulled, the series looked to continue Fett’s development into the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy — a disappointing loss for Logan.

“I don’t cry, but I started tearing up when I saw some of these episodes and what I was doing,” he said. “So we actually recorded them... yeah, that’s all that’s left. They might come back, you never know.”

When announcing the cancellation of The Clone Wars in 2013, Lucasfilm said a decision was made to “pursue a new direction in animated programming.”

When streaming rights for the series was acquired by Netflix, vice president of content acquisition Sean Carey pointed out the series “really aged up over the years” and “went to a darker place and didn’t fit the Cartoon Network brand any longer.”

Disney would later launch the more kid-friendly Star Wars Rebels before resurrecting The Clone Wars, announcing the revival to much fanfare at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

The Clone Wars’ 2019 revival will premiere exclusively on Disney’s streaming service.
‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Was Cancelled Because It Was “Getting Really Graphic”
The animated Clone Wars debuted in 2008 as a theatrically-released movie before the storyline continued as a series on Cartoon Network. After six seasons, the series was surprisingly canceled in 2014, preventing producer Filoni from giving the story an organic ending.

Fans might have been deprived of learning the fates of their beloved characters, but Filoni's next series, Star Wars Rebels, allowed him to bring familiar characters into the fold to give devout fans more closure. Ahsoka was one of these characters, with Eckstein having to get into a different mindset to voice the younger version of the character for her role in Clone Wars.

"It's so funny because, after Clone Wars and when I jumped into Rebels, it was actually pretty hard for me to do Rebels Ahsoka because she was that much older and she was a whole lot more like Obi-Wan rather than Ahsoka from Clone Wars," the actress shared. "She was more of the mentor now, the teacher, and so it took me a while to get into that role, and then now I have to go back to Clone Wars, so I have to unlearn everything that I learned and that place I went to for Rebels Ahsoka and go back to Clone Wars Ahsoka and really, I mean, this is after she walks down those steps."

She added, "She's still around the same age, so age-wise I know I can -- because I would change my voice according to her age -- so age-wise I kind of know I can get my voice back there, but she's also in a different place because she just left the Jedi Order and she's dealing with all those thoughts and emotions and questions of, like, 'What happens next?'"
'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Star Offers Season 7 Update
Yes, YES, YES! Man that felt good. Especially seeing Maul once again. Maul, Mandalorians, the End of Jedi Council, the Execution of Order 66, the Mandalorian Purge, Ashoka, Anakin before the turn, Kenobi vs Maul before the desert fight, but no Level 1313. No Criminal Underworld. No Sith's or the Rise of the Inquisitor's. And no Ventress!

It is back and it is magnificent. I know it's a big thing to ask you watch all seven seasons, with not much of comments in between. So, please accept my apologies. But if you have seen it, you are going to love having The Clone Wars back in action.

What a magnificent beginning! It is interesting watching Anakin brooding over the map console, and questioning his most loyal soldiers. It is as if he has already decided that all of it should go to hell. Long Live the Emperor. Funny thing is you never knew at this point that it would take a couple of lifetimes before Darth Sidious would meet his doom.

You just never knew it. Anakin couldn't see it, and the future was shifting for the grandmaster Yoda. It is kind of funny that the Jedi order has limited ranks, and their council is equally made up from masters instead of a mix of other high class professions that could fit in the organisation. But you also have to remember The Clone Wars was Lucas creation and he had a heavy hand on guiding the production, instead of letting Dave run free.

In this one Mister Filoni is solely dictating the action and he isn't sparing us from the details. The droid setup on the rift was especially well crafted and it reminded me about the Afghanistan War incidents, where US Air Cavalry got in trouble from Taliban AAA placings on similar location. They too managed to down a few helicopters. I especially loved Wrecker shouting: "We are going DOWN!!! HA HA HA..." with a mental gleam in his eyes as if he had done it before, and what was to come was just to be expected.


Disney really have upgraded their game as everything looks so realistic and better than in the live adaptation. The planets, the ecosystems, the environments, damages, fights... all of it is so much better than it was before. I get that Lucas decided to cancel the production, because it was getting bloody and he never wanted to tarnish the series with the grizzly war, where people die, and get seriously injured. But as it was mentioned in the Picard thread, we have come a long way from those days. Today we have seen the ugliness in the small screen and it doesn't destroy our minds.

Instead it is accepted as a reality. This is how things are. And with the Droid Army you can always expect high numbers. With Commander Cody down, the Bad Patch really showed what a real Storm Trooper can do... if they would have been given different genetics instead of making all of them to follow Bobba Fett's code. My personal favourite is Wrecker.

I just like his strength and brutality, and on top of everything he is kind of daredevil. A man without a fear. One that loves the action and isn't afraid of getting knocked down... if someone can do it. Crosshairs is too murderous, and he would be on my kill list, just to remove the Bad Patches biggest edge, the calmness and strategic mind that only Grand Admiral Thrawn has shown to possess before.

Hunter's image is spoiled. The first thought I had from him is Rambo. Both of them are battle hardened veterans, especially well trained in the arts of warfare. In fact, you watch how he behaves and it's like there's no other model, even though they could have made him different. Especially as the writing fits more of ranger type than a Rambo model.

Tech is their weakest link. His only advantage is his mind. His ability to slice through all technology. It's just his place is not in the battle field. Not directly in the front line anyway.


I do apologise in behalf of the spiders. We cannot help being the way we are, because the Emperor made a pretty good deal. Genosis would be the centre of everything. A regular shipments of preys, everything we would need to grow big... er. Forget what I said. It was just a joke. :cool:

If you have read my other posts, you know that I have particular love towards the Droids. Out of all the mechanical creations in the SW universe the Separatist models were perfect. And their Infiltrators were truly scary. Seeing them on the battlefield and you would know that you were in trouble. Cody said that they were adapting as they should be for being mechanoids. The Machine Learning and Adaptation should be in their core principles instead of being possessed by the stupid code.

The main droid trooper has a simple mind, and it's instructions are limited even though the AI shows sometimes being able to sense in coming danger. Almost as if someone had programmed in them a sixth sense. It's just it never works in time, and they then have a limited window to adapt to the situation. Usually it doesn't work. Someone could say it's a bug, while the salesmen would defend it as a feature.

"There are no bugs in our system, only features."

Besides their strength is share numbers. I know Disney made a mistake when they made clones to say, "They are sending a platoon," instead of using battalion or telling the watchers that the droids are moving whole regiment towards them, as that's what the Tactical Droid were doing. He sent a carries full of Super Droids to overwhelm seven men - a half of platoon... rounded down. In the numbers game the Droids had a huge advantage, but they could stop Rex from finding about Fives. What's going to happen next ? :speechless::X3::cool:
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Well, I got Disney+ a few months back. Watched all of the Star Wars movies in the movie chronological order --- not in the order they came out --- And I was surprised how much better the prequels were than I remembered. Then I watch "The Mandalorian" and I loved it and discovered that there was a lot of background I did not know. (Thanks @ctg )

So now I've finished watching all of the "Clone Wars" that are available. I'm believing/hoping that more will soon appear. I was very impressed. The first year or two, it was okay; but after that the animated series really hit it's stride. (with a few clunkers like the "Druid Mission.") I now see Anakin as moving toward the Dark Side, I'm hoping for Ashoka, and have enjoyed many fine hours.
I have stored Clone Wars, but I haven't returned watching them or written that much as other interests had taken over. It is also lonely writing these pieces, when there's no other parties. Maybe I should write them out over the weekend.

It is amazing to hear Padme talking sense to Anakin, and then her sensing the advancing darkness that young Skywalker was trying to hide behind the Captain Rex. Yes, it is true that in the course of the Clone Wars both general developed feelings for the Clone Troopers, but mostly they were never really affectionate. Not in a way they were shown in the Rebels.

So, I like that Disney has learned to mix in the emotions into the play, while they were mostly surpressed in the Lucas time in the helm. There was only one way and it was his way. All the other ways lead to the highway. Much like Anakin's life before Vader stepped into the play and became the fist for the Emperor's Wrath.

Funny as it is GoT's Mountain was same way. Pretty much emotioneless until the end. But that is the way with the armours. You wear one and you lose most of your body-language. So it is rare to see Anakin showing love and care, or carelessness towards Padme, the forbidden fruit that Jedi's was never supposed to have.

Why is then that he and General Obi-Wan are asking their men to remove the emotions, even though it is those that give the clone troopers personality. In the Bad Patch everything is turned to eleven. They certainly didn't spare on any when Anakin got captured.

It intrigued me that Anakin didn't act bad, but actually tried to solve the conflict through peace keeping with the Sakto tribes. I loved that their people ride with wyvern type of lizards, but honestly I couldn't understand why Anakin didn't need a gasmark in their atmosphere. Obi-Wan told to use every precaution, but as it is typical in the Clone Wars era, nobody never listens the General.

Everything is ignored.

Another thing that intrigued me was the Techno-Union springing fort with being the part that held Echo in the captivity.


"This was supposed to be a stealth mission." :LOL:

Fair enough Anakin. Supposed is the active word. The best laid plans never work in the SW universe. There's always twists. And this time it was a pleasure to see raptor-droids having the same malfunction problems in their code. I get that against the normal people they are formal opponent. But when you get mauled by special clones and a chosen one, the AI should have given up... or called everyone.

Not that it would have mattered as the dino-clones weren't able to score on hit, even on the point-blank range. And that is a problem for the SW. Nothing ever happens. Not really. The bad guys always lose. Just like it was with the techno-union raptor droids spooling outside Echo's chambers.

Frankly, it is baffling how the technologically superior beings can be so clumsy. The thing with the antagonist and with the droid is that they are supposed to be scary. They are not. I laugh and weep at their malfunctions. Techno-unionist should have known better. Then again, even the Emperor was blinded by technological superiority.

The only race that has really benefitted from it, is the Mandalorians. Somehow they understood all of it, and they worship the ultimate technologies until their find better ones. And then they adapt them into their fabric of being. With the techno-unionionist you'd imagine that being the case, that they would somehow present the evolution steps for the transhumans/transaliens.

Let's see what happens with Echo in the next episode. I suspect he's good as dead.

Survival is one step on the path of living.

As I wanted the Techno-Union brought everyone, even if it was a bit too late. I honestly don't get why everyone just didn't swoop to guard their relic, because out there, in the war front, losing Emperor's asset kills you. Ain't nobody that can save you. Not willingly and certainly not without massive amount of resources... or one lucky Force-user.

I do get that in the Disney channel they cannot show deaths, blood and maimings, because the kids are watching. It's just doing it gives false images that plagues SW production. Everyone knows droids cannot win, ever. Emperor doesn't die, even though he should. The Jedi lose, even though they are super powerful. A lot of that could be and should be altered by visual means, by bringing forward the danger and endless destruction.

The Techno-Unions sent in a Decimator, which did nothing. Nothing even though Wrecker was in range. But then again, thermal charges didn't nothing either even though the Techno-Union boss was standing directly in the blast range, with his head facing the hole. Good old Disney.


Never change, even if it's in your benefit.


"Master, master... it's me Gollu... er, Echo's."

Why is that Anakin ended into the rescue mission and not get to fell deeper into the darkness and madness that the Emperor was casting around? It is disappointing that he didn't showed a hint of anger and rage. Everything was under control, even though the script gods were shelling excrements through the proverbial fan.

Gasplanet, high winds, possibly poisonous gases, and the only way to cross to the otherside is over pipe. I would have said in Anakin's shoes, "No. We ain't doing this. We are taking the war back to them. How many droids and droid controllers they can have anyway?"

If I'm evil, the Decimator should have followed them into the airduct. It should have sensed the organics going into the tube and as it was it's only mission to decimate them, it should have followed the programming to the end. Not that I didn't like that droids coming from both ends to the pipeline.

I loved that the lizards came to rescue, and I laughed out loud, when the raptor-droids launched after them. It made sense. Why else they would have wings in the windy planet?

The fight in the village was a slight disappointment. I get that Anakin's group again won, because what else it could have done. It was a do or die mission at the end, with no backup. But as they left, they didn't think what's going to happen to the natives and their villages?

War. War never changes, but at least we got Echo back. \o/

Trust placed in another is trust earned.

It was obvious that Echo was going to play a role in the war after his rescue. We don't know how long it took from them to fit him in the armour and send back into front line after his recovery, but it must have been fairly quick since the Jedi Order was handling results from last ordeal.

The problem I have is should I trust Echo for not being a counter-agent? He might be talking the talk, but is he walking the walk is a bigger question. It's very, very likely that Echo's hook up into the Separatist network also connect him to the Emperor's network. Not just into the Imperial channels, but to stuff Palpatin uses as rely Sith-commands.

In a way it is troublesome that they have all this technology, but at the same time it is as if they'd forgotten the art of electronic warfare. Playing smart, instead of culminating ground force attacks on the capital ship infrastructure. Yes, I'm also talking about JJA's movie. The stuff I cannot overcome, even though I should because over all everything that Disney does is kind of innocent.

Nothing really bad ever happens. Let's see how they'll survive this desperate mission into the heart of Separatists network.

Funny as it is Tech shared my suspicions in regards of the Echo's role in the play. I guess it has something to do with the level of pessimism and disappointment that comes when you're a smart guy, because everything that should go as you expect, doesn't. Things that should work, fails and the catastrophe strikes.


Holy smoke. That is amazing. More amazing then the First Order's Planet Killer base. I personally though that was a bit too much, going to into ultra technology, even if it fits the classical civilisation technological level. It is because the above is much closer to the technological level that incorporates all of Star Wars technology than a living planet with a hole on its side.

I get that it's big and menacing, but what the Separatists had created for the droid base is kind of ultimate step towards the fears. Things should get smaller, not larger, because the old wisdom says don't but all your eggs in the one basket. The Separatists never did. They distributed their manufacturings, fleets and supplies to strategic locations, making them very formidable opponent, even if the droids never hit anything, and their mightiest machines seem to be unable to take damage.


Ooh, Mace Windu. I thought his appearance in the beginning was just partial, as I got used to seeing the important people never taking a role in the frontal assaults. It is ballsy to drop through the skylight and give the droids an ultimatum. "Lay down your weapons and prepare to be preprogrammed... or join the hundred thousand Type Ones I have left behind."

Yeah, I know it's a smoother than what came out from his mouth. The important bit is that he gave them a chance, even if it obvious that the droids had only one answer: "Blast them!" The classical computer says no answer. But you think it logically and there's a limited chances for the Jedi to survive a fight in the bloody assembly factory.

It amazed me that the clone troopers dropped into static positions, standing upright instead of seeking for cover and asking for the star destroy to send in beta-wings squadrons on lay down hellfire. The Star Wars is a fantasy, but it could be in my honest opinion even better if they added realism into the fight.

Admiral Trench did the right move, and he send the order for everyone to get to the Assembly Plant. If it not had been Echo in the middle, it could have finished two generals in one swoop. It's just he made a mistake by shielding the fusion bomb and forcing Master Windu to use his powers, instead of being baffled by complexity of the bomb.


Cursed Jedi. Always blocking. Always poking their noses in places that doesn't belong to them. Nosy bastards.

Yes, in the hind sight, facing off Master Skywalker wasn't the best laid plan. That man is too powerful. Admiral Trench had not done his homework and studied Anakin close enough to know that he was changing and that the chaos was consuming him. Oh, well, we should have seen him turning to Sith sooner than later. After all that high body count is only an indicator of man's intentions. The wounds he lays marks his anger. His need for revenge. Almost as if the Darth Vader was the ultimate psycho instead of Master Palpatin.

Well, the whole Bad Patch appearing in the command ship was bad news. Nothing the droids has can stop them. Not even their superior numbers when one can lay mirrors in corridor, to provide reflection points for a blaster bolt. I laughed out loud when one bolt dropped whole company. It was just too damn hilarious.

I'm also glad that Echo found his place among the Bad Patch instead of being forced to stay with the normals.
I never did watch season 7, so I just started on a rewatch. It's even better than I remembered.

The piece about it ending because of how graphic it was makes sense to me. Despite being animated and virtually bloodless, it's shockingly violent and brutal at times. I also remember the reintroduction of Maul around season 4-5 and thinking "this would have given me nightmares as a kid!"

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