Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I have to say after seeing the last episode that Anakin is harbouring some very dark thoughts and I wouldn't be surprised if in upcoming episodes he really breaks the mold and becomes a Sith. After all this is the beginning to the Revenge of Sith and in the deleted scenes, you'll see death of his beloved Ahsoka (if I remember correctly).
No, no, no, ctg my friend, this show is going to have a season six by all reports I have read. The Jedi (death) in the deleted scene from Revenge of the Sith is Shaak Ti, and not even considered canon as she was alive after that somewhere. Good news, yes? More Star Wars! Season five has been extrordinarily well done. The droid arc was the weakest link, but at least it made Jar Jar look better!
But, but, but I thought she was Ashoka that Lucas removed because he had Clone Wars brewing in his mind. Oh dear me, I was wrong and I'm glad there's going to be at least one more season.
I must say, not since the days after The Empire Strikes Back have I felt this for Star Wars; eager anticipation for the unknown. This latest Clone Wars story arc with the set up on Ahsoka is very well done and even though the viewer knows her innocence, there feels like there is something weighty at stake here. I think I have really come to appreciate her character in ways I did not realize at first. For me it was hard not to like her from the start, being such a smart-alic and giving Anakin a run for his money with sarcasm, but especially in season five she has grown to be an amazing Jedi. I hope she survives order 66 and they highlight her in future incarnations of Star Wars because with all that she has learned and from whom, her character is becoming very interesting. If she dies to push Anakin closer to the dark side, I have to say it would make me sad.

I caught the last 3 episodes at once, didn't think much of the first but it got really good in the second and third.
The escape from the prison was awesome as was the teaming up with Ventress. I had wondered at some point during the episode whatever happened to her and low and behold there she is.

I think the Jedi behind it is Barriss Offee, it seems pretty obvious actually.
So sad. Don't know how they can do that. She deserved to be in the clone wars and now she's gone. And all I can think is that it's because of the Emperors wish of turning Anakin against the order.

What I can say about the season is that it was far better then the last year one and taken out the "comic relief" droids, this one was the best. The ending certainly raised the bar for the next season. But is George going to helm it?
Ctg, you and I are definitely on the same page about season 5 being something special. As one of the few who does not mind Jar Jar at all, Col. Gasgon and his droid squad was not Bantha fodder to me, it just feels like it should have been in season one or two as it was a weak story of sorts. Every story arc besides the droid one was so superbly written. I know this show will be back and Ahsoka will be in it, but in what capacity I do not know. Apparently Dave Filoni (the director of the show) wanted Ahsoka to live but George Lucas wanted her to die, so having her willing leave the order was a really clever way to still have Anakin feel a sense of loss and anger build in him to continue his path to the black suit. I so want to watch this entire season over again. I cannot believe how much emotion was in this last episode for the characters and me too.

Oh, Walking dead is on tonight. Yeah!
So Ahsoka has gone ronin, which opens up a whole host of questions. One, of course, is whether there is a chance she might return to the Order during the run of the show. It's entirely possible that Ahsoka will ultimately decide that the Jedi Order is the best place for her—faults and all—but she may well find it easier to hold to her values and serve the galaxy without the Jedi. And does this increase or decrease her odds of survival? She might find a new home and a new role for herself somewhere far from the Sword of Damocles that is Order 66, but she still might perish before the events of Revenge of the Sith.

And what does this mean for Anakin? His story is one about loss and fear of loss, and losing Ahsoka is huge for him, even if it doesn't prove permanent. Ahsoka hasn't just been his companion and his spiritual little sister; she's also provided a moral center for him within the Jedi Order. Sure, he still has Obi-Wan, but Anakin's role as Ahsoka's mentor has been central; he's had someone he desperately didn't want to let down. We've seen shades of darkness within Anakin throughout Clone Wars, but now that he has an Ahsoka-shaped hole in his heart, will he venture farther into the Dark Side? And will he come to resent the Jedi Council for driving her away?
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I am glad they finally started focusing on Anakin's downfall and not making it so in-your-face.
The unreleased story-arcs of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, which have currently only been identified as "Bonus Content", are set for release sometime in the future. Upon the cancellation of The Clone Wars in March of 2013 by Lucasfilm Ltd.'s new owner Disney, supervising director Dave Filoni of the series announced that despite the cancellation, the unused episode arcs would be released as a proper finale to the series.

Initially, it was confirmed that the Bonus Content would consist of two story-arcs, one pertaining to Rush Clovis—originally set for Season 5—and the other pertaining to Clone Trooper Tup killing his own Jedi General under mysterious circumstances. It was later announced, by release of another clip, that a third arc would be among the content, divulging into the mystery of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. At the Star Wars: Celebration Europe II convention in Essen, Germany from July 26 to July 28, 2013, Dave Filoni and artist Pablo Hidalgo announced that a 4th "Bounty Hunter" story-arc would be released as well, which will show the fates of the likes of Boba Fett, Cad Bane, and Aurra Sing. They also stated that they were still deciding on a format for the "Bonus Content" and assured that they would still be shown in some form, possibly even on television as Season 6.
The Clone Wars Bonus Content - The Clone Wars

Still no word about when, but I'd also like to say that I have started to warm up to the idea of new "Rebels" series.
Though Lucasfilm’s new animated epic, Star Wars: Rebels, is stealing some of the limelight, the faithful haven’t forgotten about those unseen storylines from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6, which we were promised would be made available in some form or another.

Supervising director Dave Filoni finally broke the silence on Facebook, saying, “We have wrapped production on all of the remaining Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes, and while that might be sad news in one way, it’s good news in another.

“It means you will finally get to see them. When, exactly, is a detail I cannot yet share. I can confirm that in early 2014 you will be watching the final episodes of The Clone Wars, including one of Master Yoda’s most challenging missions.”

Meanwhile, this new clip from the ‘lost’ episodes suggest that Season 6 would have begun to touch on Order 66, perhaps taking place mere days before Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 ends with Order 66? | SciFiNow - The World's Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Magazine
Checkout what you're going to miss when Disney decided to cancel The Clone Wars and 1313 game development.


A Good Look At Maybe The Best Star Wars Game We Never Got
Is that the Millennium Falcon I see landing on the mid right of the shot?
Nope. I recommend you click the link and then having a closer look on the original, which I have as desktop background and you will be able to see it's not the Millenium Falcon, but other ship that has a round shape.
Dark Horse may be losing the Star Wars comics license next year, but they're clearly trying to end it right — including the new announcement that the Clone Wars cartoon will get a real, official ending courtesy of a new four-part comic miniseries, beginning this summer.

I don't need to tell Clone Wars fans that the cartoon didn't "end" as much as "stop", as new rights holders Disney decided to close up shop to begin work on a new Star Wars cartoon to air on their own Disney XD channel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a screenplay for a four-part cartoon miniseries, which was intended to be the actual finale, was written but obviously never made. Dark Horse is turning that into this comic series, which will be titled Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir. "All you need to know is that Darth Maul has returned, that he's really pissed off, and that his former master Darth Sidious is determined to put him back in the ground, permanently," writer Jeremy Barlow told Newsarama.

This is awesome, and this news makes me even sadder that Dark Horse is losing the Star Wars license. I feel they should get at least another bonus year for this, don't you?
The Clone Wars cartoon will get an ending, courtesy of Dark Horse
Thank you for the 1313 picture link, ctg! I'm not a campaign gamer but I might have made an exception with this. Oh well. By the way, the Dark Horse Darth Maul comic coming was not supposed to be the series finale as I have learned The Clone Wars was supposed to have a total of eight seasons to it. They did have an ending in mind, but one of the Lost Missions has been tweaked to be a proper ending for the show. But don't take my word for it...
I still have that pic as my background. And I don't know what to think about all of this change but just hope that it all fall correctly on its - figuratively speaking - feet.

They few days ago admitted that the Clone Wars is considered as cannon, where a lot that the games established, was thought as something that didn't happen. And to be honest, when they resurrected Darth Maul I was rocking in the rhythm of Imperial March. And in the heart of that is Anakin Skywalker walking around in his infamous black armour.

Hopefully we get to see more of that transition in the SW:Rebels, while the Fall of Jedi kind deepens as the years roll by. But in the same time there is one problem in my mind and that is birth of Luke and Leia, and their adobtion ritual, as when the Clone Wars ends the Revenge of Sith begins, and Amidal is well into giving the birth, while in the CW she hasn't shown the belly.

So, are they going to alter that fact in the SW:Rebels or within the final six?
I'm a bit late to the party but I'll weigh in with my thoughts, mostly because I'm stuck in a hole hiding from MI6 over some silly misunderstanding about handing over our nuclear defence codes to the Daleks.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars stands as a testament to the irrefutable fact that fans (especially myself) don't know what the bloody Hell they want. I had mixed feelings abut the prequels (in the same way that a packet of full of digestive biscuits walloped with a rolling pin, slurped into gooey piles of cocoa and margarine then whacked round with a 20 killowat food processor is technically mixed). As you can guess when I heard that we had an entire cinematic opus of a play-doh Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor pretending to be Alec Guinness pretending to be Christopher Walken I was not so enthusiastic. Then I heard almost none of the original actors were returning and George Lucas wasn't directing or writing and consequently me feeling were upgraded from 'Toss myself in front of Rabid Wolverines' to 'Volunteer my heart to The Aztec Pantheon since so I'd have some to time to think it over on my way up the sacrificial pyramid'. I popped in the DVD, sat myself down and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It was even worse than Attack of the Clones, but since I like to hate things that was OK for me. The structure was pants, the humour dire and it suffered from that all too present staple of modern genre works of having the characters refuse to take anything seriously (*Cough*Cough* Age of Ultron *Cough*Cough*Nu Doctor Who).

So that was it for me and Clone Wars for a good six years. Eventually I was hooked in the hype for Star Wars: Rebels, a show that looked like it would sate my need for a return of the Star Wars of old. In case any dangling plot threads reared their heads I figured it would be an idea to see if I missed anything important in Clone Wars. And I was promptly confronted with the realization that I'd been a big wrong dunce all those years. The show was bloody brilliant. It fulfilled all the promise the prequels had failed to live up to, giving us well developed characters, gripping stories and adding new layers and perspectives to the saga. Here we have the Anakin we all imagined pre Jake Lloyd, loyal, bold, confident, a man with a dark streak that makes his inevitable fall credible but also leaves you clutching to the thin hope he'll somehow pull through. Obi-Wan's charming and gentile, with added dimensions such as his courtly love plotline which elevate him from the one note 'Good Jedi' archetype of the prequels.

But what really makes the show special is what it add to the universe. By far the best additions to the show are the Clones. They give the show an all important relatability. They aren't superheroic Jedi, just ordinary blokes mucking through adversity the best they can. This makes their triumphs all the greater, their defeats all the more tragic. And unlike the main cast they don't have the Archangel of series continuity to watch over them. Consequently the show has a real weight and sense of dread. Ashoka Tano was another great addition, no small feat for someone who once gave Jar Jar Binks a run for his money. Some pundits have felt her presence out of place as she was never mentioned in the other films. Personally I'd argue that it's actually a positive. One of the roughly 9485855773829972749048008034…9904+884909909954 problems with the prequels was that they were really a rather by then numbers re-enactment of things we already knew. Anakin becomes Vader, Sheev becomes Emperor, Padme has twins, Jedi die, Obi-Wan and Yoda hide, the end. They never threw in any twists or provided us with any new perspectives that might redefine our understanding of the previous films. With Ahsoka we actually get to see Anakin function as a flawed but well intentioned parent figure, making his downfall all the more poignant. She also acts as a great contrast to Anakin, making his mistakes and dealing with the same temptations, but realizing where she's gone wrong and amending them where he fails. More importantly she gives us someone who has a story that's not set in stone, allowing us to be more invested in where her chatacter goes and how it will affect the overall story of the series.

It certainly wasn't a perfect show. It could bee hard to take it seriously with the cheesy voice over bloke. Dooku and Grievous remained woefully one note, it tried to cram Jar Jar down our throats when even George tactfully stuck him in the background and the creepy puppet like designs half lead you to wonder when the Mysterons were going to bump off Jimmy Smitts and replace him with a doppelgänger so vile he actually dared to have something resembling a personality. But at the end of the day the positives vastly outweight the negatives. It does what all good sequels and spin off should do, use the original work as a springboard to tell new, unique stories and fix things that didn't work to begin with. This is a ststark contrast to Star Wars: Rebels, even though the latter seeemed to come closer to what I demanded. While it has gotten off to a far better start than Clone Wars and has a ton of potential it often seems like it's trying to slavishly imitate the original trilogy, rehashing the archetypes, characters, music and imagery to the point where it's often little more than a dutiful pastiche. Not a bad show by any stretch and it's still in its infancy, but could learn lessons from its older cousin. Clone Wars shone brightest when it forged its own path. It was its own beast and all the better for it.

Blimey, all that positivity has left me drained. Enjoy yourself kiddies, I'm off for a dook in the blood of baby elephants in my Ivory laced indoor swimming pool.

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