Ok, riviera is in neuromancer, i think I'll have plenty of examples from that book, but i'm not so confident about the other two, especially mona lisa i'm rethinking my topic these days...i've looked for materials and papers all over but so far not so good..
maybe 'female characters in sprawl' would be a prolific subject...?

btw, i read your essay, it's very interesting and it definitely gave me some wider perspective of the topic..but what do you exactly mean by 'self-symbol', could you just elaborate on that a little bit, please? :)
A self-symbol is an idea for how a person may represent themselves in the mental model that each of us carries around. These days, the focus is much more on narrative however, ie. human beings build up a sense of self through experiencing the world and compiling a story about themselves in it.

Books to read - Nicholas Humphrey, Soul Dust
Daniel Dennett, Consciousness Explained
Nicholas Humphrey, The Inner Eye

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