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  1. Vince W

    William Gibson's 'The Peripheral' Season 1 Trailer

  2. Mikhail.Marlowe

    I don't understand Peter Riviera...

    I'm on my third read of Neuromancer. The first time it was the audiobook, while going with the text. The second time it was just the paperback. I understood 90% of the plot. But the 10% I didn't understand felt crucial to the plot. I read the wikipedia summary, and I was right. One thing...
  3. Vince W

    Agency by William Gibson

    Will Gibson's Agency is typical of his type of book. Tightly written with sparse descriptions and no safety-net. Admittedly if you've read The Peripheral you'll have a much easier time of given that many of the same characters are there and the settings are the same along the future timeline...
  4. Vince W

    William Gibson - We are all Science Fiction Writers Now

    William Gibson: We Are All Science Fiction Writers Now
  5. DannMcGrew

    William Gibson's Man-Made Future

    The New Yorker https://tinyurl.com/yenfhscx
  6. Vince W

    Amazon to develop William Gibson's 'The Peripheral'

    I want this to happen, but I want it to be good as well. Fingers crossed. Amazon is turning William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’ into a series
  7. Vertigo

    The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

    This was a devastatingly disappointing read; I truly do not understand why it was nominated for a couple of awards or included in the SF Masterworks series except possibly because it surely must be good coming from the combined pens of two such acclaimed science fiction authors. However I can...
  8. Vertigo

    Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson

    For me one of the problems with cyberpunk is that it is easy, and not uncommon, for cyberpunk books to become very formulaic; just fill the book with loads of techno-babble and street jargon, keep the pace so fast the reader gets no chance to draw breath, add cool shades and various cranial...
  9. A

    The Difference Engine-William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

    The Difference Engine William Gibson and Bruce Sterling Spectra, Jul 26 2011, $16.00 ISBN: 9780440423621 In 1855 as the Industrial Revolution continues to pollute the big cities of England, Charles Babbage creates the steam driven analytical engine. The Luddites learn of this incredible...
  10. PizzaCaviar

    Difficulties with Neuromancer by Gibson

    Hi everybody, I started reading Neuromancer recently and I'm having a hard time figuring out what the hell is going on sometime. English is not my native language and I have not read a lot of English lately, especially sci-fi. So I was wondering if some of you who have read Neuromancer already...
  11. hitmouse

    Wm. Gibson interview in The Guardian

    William Gibson interviewed about his new novel and other stuff, at home in Vancouver, which is a very Gibsonian sort of place. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/nov/16/william-gibson-interview-the-peripheral
  12. Michael Colton

    Neuromancer 30 Years Old This Month

    The Guardian has done a little piece about William Gibson and Neuromancer for the thirtieth anniversary: link. Shame I did not realize it was the thirtieth anniversary until Gibson himself Tweeted about it. This is the book that made me interested in science fiction in the written format and...
  13. Toby Frost

    The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling

    The Difference Engine - A Review There is a lot of argument about what was the first steampunk novel, but it is pretty much unanimously agreed that The Difference Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (1990) is one of the classics of the genre. The underlying premise is that, around...
  14. Toby Frost

    Going Back to Gibson - the Sprawl trilogy

    Ah, cyberpunk. A sub-genre so cool that the characters don’t just wear sunglasses at night – they have them surgically implanted. I first read William Gibson's Neuromancer when I was about 12, back in the days when science fiction characters didn’t swear or have workable genitals, and remembered...
  15. Gramm838

    Is William Gibson still SF?

    His more recent books have been set in the present but due to his take on technology and our relationship with it seems to me that he's still an SF writer. I've just re-read Neuromancer and started Count Zero again and am remembering just how good, and how advanced, they were for the time they...
  16. Anthony G Williams

    Neuromancer by William Gibson

    Now a quarter of a century old, Neuromancer is widely regarded as a classic of modern SF (if that isn't a tautology). It won just about every award going for its portrayal of a future in which skilled people could be "jacked in" to the information technology network, able to experience it as a...
  17. AE35Unit

    Neuromancer (2011)

    I was looking round on Library Thing earlier and saw an entry for the iconic book by Gibson (which I've yet to find to read), and further down the page was an entry like Neuromancer (2011) IMdB,so it seems there's a movie in the works. Unfortunately the link to IMdB (the Internet Movie Database)...
  18. clovis-man


    Twenty-five years late, I finally read this book. Without referring to the likely voluminous critiques that have inevitably accumulated over the years, my first impressions are that it is a lot like Delaney's Dhalgren in many respects and that the Matrix series of movies owe pretty much...
  19. Aniri

    Yay! William Gibson book reading/signing!

    Next week, Mr. Gibson will be reading/signing here in NYC and I will be in attendance:) This is excellent because, well, for starters, his work is awesome, but also because he happens to be my big brother's favourite author. I went ahead and bought a hardcover copy of the 20th anniversary...
  20. Brian G Turner

    Willam Gibson - Pattern Recognition

    Original review by Elaine Frei: I spent a good portion of the time I was reading Pattern Recognition wondering when it was going to turn into a science fiction novel, since that is what it is supposed to be. It’s author is William Gibson, the father of “cyberpunk”, after all. And I found the...