Looking for scifi/mystery book title


Feb 11, 2006
Title is probably related to the ship name, or a key phrase in the mystery.

The general plotline is a ship going from earth…new york I believe, is going to some other planet, with a visiting king on board. The king is heading back home, and has a female detective/bodyguard. The story is in her perspective for most/all the story.

The ship has an interesting system of FTL drive…it collects matter and gathers it into a huge sphere, which get’s sabotaged. The chief engineer that can fix this is killed. The captain that also can fix this is also killed, eventually.

An entertainer is the chief suspect, but after romantic convolutions he is ruled out. Being shot thru the shoulder is another good clue. In the end, the king puts the drive back to normal, and the “dead” people are healed/brought back.