Recasting a paid role for our scifi audiodrama, and looking here for potential actors

Dejito Productions

You died peacefully and pain free
Feb 19, 2022
Oakland, CA
Hi there! As the title says, we’d like to connect with a scifi fan who’d enjoy voice acting for our audiodrama Death Inc. Take a listen here (www.DeathInc.RIP), and if you’re into the vibe we’d love to have you on board.

The casting call is below:

Production Description​

Synopsis: Two strangers wake up dead in an unfinished afterlife. One sees a path forward to make this wasteland a utopia, while the other must desperately escape back to Earth

We are looking for Black actors who identify as non-binary/gender queer/gender non-conforming etc. We are flexible about microphone type, but talent needs an adequate recording environment: Quiet, not too much reverb, and no popping sounds.

The character, FAX, is an inter dimensional machine who was programmed to help the humans who end up in the abandoned afterlife; they are fairly feminine, however, their voice has masculine undertones which underscore their gender fluidity; like most characters in Death Inc, they have a Black American accent, but not with any particular regional vernacular/speaking pattern; they can be described as bubbly, always looking on the bright side, and genuinely caring.

Additional Instructions:​

Please DM me to start the audition process in which I’d send you a short sample script to read, record, and send back. We suggest taking a listen to a few episodes of the show at www.DeathInc.RIP to get a sense of the vibe and tone. We are recasting the character named FAX. They appear in episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12, but in some episodes only have one or two lines, so the line count isn't as high as you may expect.

You'll be recording for all of those episodes and there are about 60 lines in total. Since this is recasting, continuity in the character is important to us. While you don't need to copy the previous actor's performance, we are looking for a similar voice, so we highly suggest listening to those episodes at the very least.

If you aren’t right for the role I still invite you to listen to and enjoy our show!

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