Darius Blood:How do I begin it?

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Feb 6, 2009
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Guys I really need help. can you guys give me ideas as to how i should start writing the first paragraph of this story? right now i can't seem to find the right words to begin with and it seems that every starting paragraph I make sucks. If there's someone out there who could give me any advice or suggestion or even a book where i can draw inspiration from, please feel free to do so. I am not that good in writing introductions but I am willing to learn it from you guys...

for those who haven't read the concept yet, just read Darius Blood:The Concept post.

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After reading your concept outline, it seems clear that you want to start with Jake being bullied. That should be good 'hook' that will grab the reader right away, and that is just what you want. Jump right in to the action, describe everything.

Is this going to be in first person from Jake's point of view?

Post a couple different versions of your start in the critiques section. You might think it sucks (hehe no pun intended) but maybe critiquers can sort out what is really good and give better ideas of where to go from the start if they had actual examples of what your are trying :)
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