Darius Blood:Could you guys show me how to write this kind of senior night scene?


Resident Soultaker
Feb 6, 2009
All my life I've always made and pictured out fant
I have a problem working out a senior night scene wherein a guy "opens up what she feels" to a girl right at the dancefloor but unfortunately, the girl gets angry because she thought that the guy had no "special feelings" for her except as a bestfriend.She then walks out of the dance; leaving the guy alone.
(I didn't get to experience this for myself, personally, because I never attended senior prom back in high school. I was in the hospital attending an eye surgery that night. LOL :D)
I don't think you'll find too many people that have the time to write the scene FOR you. But, I wouldn't worry about not having the experiences yourself. You know your characters better than anyone here does, and so will know better how they would react. There isn't a right or wrong answer. Just give it your best shot, and if you're still worried about the scene when you're done, pop it up in the critiques forum.

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