Looking for a Scifi Book and of course I forgot name and title?Help OCD


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Feb 15, 2008
[FONT=&quot]I thought the name was epers. It is about a phenomena where the lead protagonist has a special gift like telepathy and possibly the ability to kill and go unseen. He soon finds out he is not the only one who has this ability and is taken underground to find more of his kind. The paperback had a green cover with a hand on it, plus the author wrote a non-fiction novel about the subject...any help is appreciated!

I think it came after 2000...
The most likely title is "Espers" (for Extra Sensory Perception), and the only book I found was a Marvel spinoff by James D. Hudnall 1990, though, so perhaps a little early for what you're seeking.
the author co wrote a book that detailed this ability in a non-fiction book and then spun off from there to create the fiction account. The cover was definitely green all over as the central motif. I believe it starts out with lead in a park or public setting looking for his Target when he notices a woman who can see him (and isn't supposed to). They both measure each other up, but neither attacks. He proceeds to follow her and she leads him to more of their kind. I believe they have the ability to kill with natural causes and go undetected...

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