Black Static

Fiction line up for Black Static 20

The Compartments of Hell by Paul Meloy & Sarah Pinborough
At Night, When the Demons Come by Ray Cluley
The Wounded House by Barbara A. Barnett
The Covered Doll by Norman Prentiss
Going Home, Ugly Stick in Hand by Nate Southard

The cover is taken from Darren Winter's art for Ray Cluley's story.


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Hi Roy,
Just to update you on my hunt for a printed copy of Black Static - my local WHSmith in south-west London said they couldn't order it because it wasn't stocked by their wholesaler, although Interzone was. The member of staff told me there were two wholesalers for WHSmith in London, and the other, which delivered to different stores, may stock it. I'm afraid I can't remember the names though :(

In the end I ordered two electronic issues through PayPal, which worked fine.

What a pity Belador it is the same distributor for both. We are proud of the look and layout, and some have even praised the aroma, so you are missing something with E book versions.

You can get a flavour, but not the aroma, on the current issue page.

Forbidden Planet may have copies if you are ever near Shaftsbury Avenue/Covent Gdn.

Black Static 20 is still suffering from weather induced postal delays but issues are slowly getting through.
I posted the cover graphic, and the interior illustration it was cropped from, for Black Static #21 in the SFFChronicles Arts, Magazine Cover Art thread.
2 stories in this issue were first submissions from new authors plus Ray Cluley makes it a hat trick with 'Pins and Needles', his third story in 3 consecutive issues and Ben Baldwin illustrates James Cooper's story 'Cushing'.
First timer Victoria Leslie's (V.H. Leslie) 'Ulterior Design' story alludes to Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ (1892) and, celebrating Women In Horror Recognition Month, Black Static has 40% women authors this issue with Maura McHugh's Water.
The other debut story is 'Extraneus Invokat' by Ed Grabianowski.

Case Notes celebrates Women In Horror Recognition Month, with reviews of books by, or edited by women, and the Angela Slatter interview.
Usual load of DVD/Blu-ray reviews in Tony Lee's Blood Spectrum (plus giveaways of A Serbian Film, Buried, Bedevilled, and the astonishing Amer), plus columns by Stephen Volk, Christopher Fowler, Mike O'Driscoll.

Art is by Ben Baldwin, Rik Rawling, Paul Milne and Dan Henk makes his BS debut.
Out this coming week.
Black Static 22 is about to hit the shops. I'll have copies at Eastercon for those who are there and subscriptions have now been posted.
Details of the contents, interior art and cover art are posted on the TTA website

Fiction from Alan Wall, Tim Lees, Alison J. Littlewood, Steven Pirie and Simon Kurt Unsworth. Tim and Steven have their new novels reviewed in the same issue by Peter Tennant.
Christopher Fowler's columns are consistently excellent - really enjoyed reading them this past couple of issues.

And thanks for Mike O'Driscoll's repudiation of that genre/non-genre nonsense in the Guardian; it's about time that right-wing rag folded.
Next issue #24 will be out early in August and will include a new story from Ramsey Campbell. Subscribe soon.
The 2011 World Fantasy Award nominations have been announced, and Mercurio D. Rivera's 'Tu Sufrimiento Shall Protect Us' from Black Static #18 is up for the Short Story Award. Download Mercurio's story for free from the TTA Press website along with Richard Butner's 'Holderhaven' (from Crimewave 11: Ghosts) which is shortlisted for a Shirley Jackson Award (Novelette) for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.

Plus 4 Black Static authors and an interviewee at Waterstones in Deansgate, Manchester (UK) on Saturday, August 13 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Joel Lane, Conrad Williams and Tom Fletcher discuss urban horror. There will also be readings by each author.

Also on Facebook

Black Static 24 line up with Ramsey Campbell.

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You haven't seen much of me on this site recently for which I'm sorry though you may be relieved.

My excuse is I've been desperately trying to catch up Black Static's e book editions which have fallen behind and a year's worth were overdue at the memory bank - Fictionwise. Well I have not caught up yet but we now have 52 issues on Fictionwise and are about 6 months behind.

Also Black Statics 19 to 23 are E books on Smashwords along with Interzones 230 to 235. IZ 230 is still free if you want to test us out.

Black Static 26 is just out so I've not posted here about issues 24, 25 or 26.
Here are links if you want to check their contents.
Black Static 24 [FONT=&quot]
[/FONT]Black Static 25 [FONT=&quot]
[/FONT]Black Static 26

Try it for free or not - You decide. TTA have reset the price for Black Static #19 (Oct 2010) on Smashwords so that you can get it for free or select a price you consider worthwhile.
Why not try it and then download it again and pay then if you feel guilty about not paying the first time?

That issue (Oct 2010) contains Peter Tennant's massive anthology, and Steve Jones, special book review section and the fiction is 'Chain Reaction' - Steve Rasnic Tem, 'Beachcombing' - Ray Cluley , 'The Sleep Mask' - Joel Lane, 'They Will Not - Rest' - Simon Clark & 'The Wound Dresser' - by Lavie Tidhar.
Note this only works on Smashwords afaik. The retailer sites using Smashwords files may well charge $4.95
I had some comments on Black Static #19 Smashwords E book edition so I've made some changes in the hope that I have improved matters. It's a free, or pay what you consider fair, download from Smashwords and please let us know what you think of it. That version will not be on other retail sites, like Apple - where it won't be free, for another 2 or 3 weeks. Don't forget the free Interzone 230 is also there to be downloaded from Smashwords.

Black Static #27 and Interzone #239 now live on Amazon Kindle. Prices vary according to local taxes like VAT. You can 'look inside' the Interzone but not the Black Static. I've no idea why that function is different for each magazine but if anyone can tell me I'll make the necessary adjustments.

BLACK STATIC 29 has been rescheduled to depart TTA Towers with Interzone so BS 29 is a month later than usual but it is the fabulous new look, new size Black Static, #29, with its gloss laminated cover, proper spine and 96 pages of fiction, reviews, columns and comment. This issue's fiction contributors: Nina Allan with 'Sunshine', Renee Carter Hall with 'Horseman', ex movie star (Louis Tripp in 1987's 'The Gate') Baph Tripp with 'Chodpa', Ray Cluley with 'Shark! Shark!' And Tim Lees with 'The Counterweight'

Get it in print while you can. E versions are not posted yet.


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