Black Static

This, fifth, issue, due out 11 June, has a thread of H P Lovecraft in its veins.
Last year was the 70th anniversary of Lovecraft's death (15/3/1937) hence Christopher M. Cevasco's Lovecraftian tale of HPL on his deathbed in "Less A Dream Than This We Know" and a review of "The Necronomicon; The Best Weird Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft".

The issue also has 'Slap' from Gary McMahon, whose novel 'Rain Dogs', due out from Humdrumming Books, is reviewed by Pete Tennant.

Pete Tennant interviews Bram Stoker Award winner Jack Ketchum who is celebrated for his horror fiction and thillers in the US, perhaps less so in the UK.

Zombies, Ghosts?, HPL, Jack Ketchum and Joel Lane don't miss Black Static 5
Cover (by David Gentry) and contents for Black Static 6
Let us know what you think.

The Better Part of You by Simon Avery
Back on the Road by Melanie Fazi
Special Needs by Peter Tennant
En Saga by Nina Allan
All Mouth by Paul Meloy
Viva Las Vegas by Ray Cluley

Non Fiction
Comment & columns from Stephen Volk, Christopher Fowler and Mike O'Driscoll.
Case Notes, 12 pages of book reviews by Peter Tennant including Scott Sigler featurette and interview; a look at Chris Fowler's Bryant & May novels; and much more.
DVD reviews by Blood Spectrum's Tony Lee and the opportunity for subscribers to win several DVDs.
It's a happy fish, maybe even a alien fish. The font is disappearing to the back ground, so if I would be searching for this particular magazine, I would miss it.
CTG you can't buy Black Static retail other than in specialists like Transreal or Murder One - or online. We want readers to subscribe hence we don't need to worry about the fading masthead.

Design prevails when there are no retail sales.
Warning to ctg: never take a Rorschach inkblot test.

I used to be a trouble child, so my folks put me to see a shrink. This shrink made an error as he asked me to draw something for him. So I draw him a perfect line and that's it. The shrink wasn't happy.

But yea, since now you mentioned that it's a doll head, I can see it, but this morning when I woke up after last night session (cooked bbq for 16 people and then I did all the dishes and cleaning afterwards) I couldn't see the head, but a fish ... a weird happy fish.
This thread has not been updated since the site crashed so here we go.
Black Static 9 looks like this and, for stories so far, a new horror from France's Aliette de Bodard.
It should be out mid February. Subscribe soon ..


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I've posted the cover graphics for Black Static 10 here.

This issue is due out April 9th and should be distributed to some newagents and bookshops. Look out for it and let us know if you see it please. It has new stories from Christopher Fowler, Gary McMahon and James Cooper among others. 1916
The others being Shannon Page, Maura McHugh and Scott Lambridis.

Plus interviews with Thomas Ligotti and Ellen Datlow; loads of book reviews; loads of DVD/Blu-ray reviews; loads of opinions by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk and Mike O'Driscoll; loads of free stuff to give away (already listed on website and/or forum) including DVDs, Blu-rays and loads of terror on the new Saw Ride at Thorpe Park... :eek:
I misled you on the date of publication. We have a new printer and for the first time some, non specialist, retail distribution this time so we hope Black Static 10 will be on sale, at least in Borders, and maybe elsewhere, but the date has gone back a week.
If you see it retail please let us know when and where.
But that was the internal cover so here is the real thing and a contents list.
Don't forget you can get copies in Borders now and, as Black Static is on WHS's recommended list, you can order it from them fairly easily; though they will not stock it on their shelves.
Black Static 12 was posted out yesterday and should be in UK shops as well.
The Borders UK situation is somewhat confused, maybe I was too upbeat above, but there are no problems with obtaining a copy for subscribers. £21 in the UK, 6 issues, arrive regularly with the post. Why mess about in shops?
Would you like a free copy of Black Static issue 12? TTA Press have begun a promotional offer of a free copy of Black Static issue 12. Get it by using the TTA Press website link message
The issues will be posted out with monthly mailings; next ones are due 10/Sept (Interzone 224 mailing and 8/Oct BS 13 mailing)

I got my free copy of Black Static in the post a couple of days ago. I'm really looking forward to reading it this weekend - so thanks very much for the offer, Roy! :)

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