Black Static

Its Andy Cox you need to thank Patrick but thanks all the same. Let us know what you think when you've read it if you find a moment.

Offer still open for anyone else reading this.

Would you like a free copy of Black Static issue 12? TTA Press have begun a promotional offer of a free copy of Black Static issue 12. Get it by using the TTA Press website link message
The issues will be posted out with monthly mailings; next ones are due 10/Sept (Interzone 224 mailing and 8/Oct BS 13 mailing)
Ben Baldwin's cover art posted in the art section.

Fiction content
Zombie Cabana Boy by Suzanne Palmer
illustrated by Dave Senecal

Three-Legged Bird by Vylar Kaftan
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

The Lady in the Tigris by Daniel Kaysen
illustrated by Rik Rawling

Faces in Walls by John Shirley
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

Plus ten (part one) of the 20 winning stories from The Campaign For Real Fear by Gemma Files, Kaaran Warren and others along with comments and statistics by Christopher Fowler & Maura McHugh

Colour throughout and totally mindblowing awesome.
Black Static 18 cover art by Ben Baldwin,a thumbnail but it will expand, on-sale date August 13th. So the magazine will celebrate its 3rd birthday with this issue.

Orinoco by Nina Allan
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Carole Johnstone
illustrated by Rik Rawling

A Man of Ice and Sorrow by Simon Kurt Unsworth
illustrated by Dave Senecal

The Obscure Bird by Nicholas Royle
illustrated by Daniele Serra

Tu Sufrimiento Shall Protect Us by Mercurio D. Rivera
illustrated by Joachim Luetke

White Noise news

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk comment

Interference by Christopher Fowler comment

The Campaign for Real Fear second (and final) ten winning stories

Case Notes by Peter Tennant book reviews, including an in-depth interview with Adam Nevill and ten free copies of his latest horror novel Apartment 16

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee DVD/Blu-ray reviews, with copies of Goemon, The Horde, The 7th Dimension, [REC] 2 to give away
The magazine looks different this time as we have cover art from two artists; Ben Baldwin - from his illustration for Simon Clark's 'They Will Not Rest', Les Edwards - The Stephen Jones painting, but in other respects the changes are limited.


Chain Reaction by Steve Rasnic Tem illustrated by Dave Senecal
Beachcombing by Ray Cluley illustrated by Richard Wagner
The Sleep Mask by Joel Lane
They Will Not Rest by Simon Clark illustrated by Ben Baldwin
The Wound Dresser by Lavie Tidhar illustrated by Daniele Serra


Interference by Christopher Fowler
Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk
Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll comment
Case Notes by Peter Tennant 13 anthologies and over 300 stories reviewed. Interview with Stephen Jones. Free books
Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee Over 25 DVDs/Blu-rays reviewed. Free films
White Noise news
Publication date 8th October.

Hi Roy,

Has it got any easier to buy Black Static in a newsagents/bookshop? I'd like to get a copy, preferably from somewhere in London, but see that Murder One has shut down - do you have any advice?

Also, I've looked through the TTA Press website but can't seem to find anything that says whether the magazine pays for published stories - could you let me know?

Many thanks in advance,
It should be easier Belador but the demise of Barbes and Noble didn't help.
Our distributer says it is in more newsagents but not stocked in Smiths however they will order it for customers. Any newsagent can oder a copy, Distributer is Pineapple Media 02392 787970 (and Central Books).

Have you tried Forbidden Planet in Shaftsbury Ave or Books etc in Charing + Road? Mail order try Fantast 3 (23 Listers Road, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambs PE14 9BW United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) 1945 773576) Let me know what you find or and where please. It goes into the 'In the Wild' thread on the website.

Yes TTA press magazines are professional paying publications but won't make you wealthy.

Thank you, that's great - I phoned Forbidden Planet and they said they didn't have it, will try my local WHSmiths.


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