What other shows do you guys watch ?


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Nov 24, 2002
What other tv shows do you guys watch, other than the brilliant Odyssey 5 ?

I watch:

Alias (Brilliant drama)
Firefly (brilliant new show on FOX)
Angel (Cordy and Connor =ewwww!)
Buffy (sadly maybe the last season)
CSI (Still good)
The Dead Zone (brilliant)
Six Feet Under (brilliant)
Stargate (has it's moments)
Smallville (getting alot better)

I think that's all I watch:D
Well im pretty much into scifi but I tend to only like plausable storylines.

I enjoy Star Trek but im not a Trekkie

I stopped watching Enterprise after episode 9 ( i think) it is so full of American, we always do the right thing political correctness rubbish that hey have really spoiled what was potentially a great story line. Scott Baluka at first seemd a good choice but now just looking at him and the way he says "you know, us humans do things differently" as soon as he says that I really wanna cause the guy some serious pain.

Current shows I watch

Stargate SG-1 (Still a fave even though its struggling a little)
Oddessy5 (I didnt rate this at first but it has become my fave program on tv. This show and its plot has me perplexed)

Other than that i watch ST or SG1 reruns on TV.

Programs you wont catch me watching.

Buffy - gimme a break I cant believe how popular this got, SMG is a fine looking lass but the story line should of stayed in a comic book

Angel - the entire Vampire/demon thing just so overdone and so done before.

Alias - LOL people watch this??? just more american trash. good versus evil the stars and stripes win the day.

I read about Firefly and a couple of others which may come to sky1, they sound interesting.

I like SCI- fi but im a stickler for strong and plausable plotlines. Otherwise i throw my remote at the TV and the dog gets a kick (hehe only joking)

William! You just spoiled Angel for me.... :(

But other than Odyssey 5, I am mostly watching:

Dead Zone
Buffy and Angel - but no new seasons till after Xmas for us

I have kinda been avoiding tv recently, apart from the above, got too much on my plate and these are really the only things I consider unmissable.

If I had more time on my hands I would also be watching The West Wing, ER, CSI, Enterprise, Endless Trekk Reruns :D
The other shows I watch are:

Dead Zone
Mutant X
Farscape(The episodes that are left, hoping they pick it up again) :eek:

Krystal :p
To tabitha

Sorry for spoiling you about Angel, I'll try not to do that again...

Good news for UK viewers though, the ones with Sky Digital

Buffy, season 7 starts Thursday 9th January
Angel season 4 starts Thursday 23rd January (strange ?)

and Enterprise season 2 starts with a double episode 6th January which as usual a Monday...hopefully along with Firefly, but I doubt it:(

Don't remember if I mentioned it before... Jeremiah starts on 16th December, Monday nights @ 10pm:D
Roll on the new year - can't wait for those new seasons. And don't worry about spoiling me William, I thought I had come across that somewhere else and managed to put it from my mind, but have seen it too many times in too many different sites to avoid the hints :( Oh well, I am sure it would ruin my enjoyment of the wonderful Angel :D

I am also watching Ian Rankin's Evil Thoughts on Saturday evenings on C4 - its very interesting!
For UK viewers

Just heard that BBC2 will be showing that Scifi show "Taken" by Steven Speilberg in the New Year:D Around January.

If you're interested in this mini-series, check out www.scifi.com for more info:rolly2:

- Firefly
- Jeremiah
- Odyssey 5
- Buffy & Angel
- Six Feet Under
- Smallville
- Miracles