Favorite Saturday Morning Tv Shows

Favorite Sat morning show changed over the years. First it was Andy's Gang featuring the actor Andy Divine. Only remember two things, Andy Divine sitting in a chair reading things and "Plunk your magic twanger Froggy." Froggy was a frog wearing clothes and shoes.


Then came The Ruff & Reddy Show, first Sat morning cartoon show I remember that had a 30 minute cartoon. Hazy on the episodes but distinctly remember when they went to the planet Muni Mula, which is "Aluminum" spelled backwards. First exposure to aliens I can think of, actually alien robots. Forerunners of the Daleks.

muni mula.jpg

Bunch of shows came after that, then watching nothing on Sat mornings for many years until the Pink Panther came along with H R Puff n Stuff.
the Bugaloos. for years. i tried to find myself a girl with antennae and long legs, but alas.

Today Is Saturday; Watch And Smile

Home to many comedians such as Bob Carolgees (and Spit), Lenny Henry, Frank Carson and of course the arch nemesis of the Beeb's 'Swap Shop'.

There was a very funny scene where Lenny Henry, who parodied a news reader of the time called Trevor McDonald (now Trevor McDonut), was surprised by the real person appearing on screen. It's available to view on YouTube.

And of course the very lovely Sally James.
Much better than "Swap Shop" - Maggie Philbin was like your elder sister, whereas Sally James was most definitely not...

Haha, just edited my post. How could I mention Tiswas and not mention SJ.

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