Air Dates for final episodes & 'Enterprise' Season Finale To Air May 22


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Mar 12, 2001
Enterprise will end its first season almost a year to the day since Voyager flew off television screens with 'Endgame.'

According to the UPN schedule posted at Psi Phi, the season finale is set to air on May 22. Shooting on the episode, about which no plot information is currently known, will reportedly commence on Wednesday, with cast and crew wrapping for the season on April 8.

The last batch of new episodes will begin on April 24 with 'Detained,' which features a guest appearance by Scott Bakula's (Jonathan Archer) Quantum Leap co-star Dean Stockwell. This will be followed a week later by 'Vox Solis,' directed by Voyager's Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres).

'Fallen Hero' and 'Desert Crossings' are currently scheduled to air back-to-back on May 8. The latter episode will feature Clancy Brown, best known for roles in 'Highlander' and 'Starship Troopers,' as "a charismatic alien leader" called Zobral, according to his official web site.

Michael Dorn (Worf) returned to the Paramount lot to helm 'Two Days and Two Nights,' which is set to air on May 15. 'Two Days' and the finale will be followed by repeats of 'Shadows of P'Jem' and 'Fusion,' respectively.
Sure looks like it.... and its going to be a cliff hanger.. apparently involving the Vulcans quite heavily

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