Stargate Atlantis.. spin off from stargate

someone please please tell me if this new spin off will be hsowin in the UK!!! please let it be, i don't want stargate to stop it's great! if it's in the UK what station, will sky one show it? and whats the time frame for it coming out it if so!!!
thanks (in advance)

Well, I am sure if they make a series it will be sold into syndication (not to do so would be unimaginably stupid, but still, this is MGM ;) )

And a time span? They are filming season 6 now, would be coming to a wrap soon, then there's the new film which should hopefully be coming out, and from then on it should be Atlantis... (I'll let you work out the time from that ;) )
cool, so it is probably going to this time next year before we start hearing anything about it being finalised mind i know nothing about time frames in filming things so i may be way out but still I'm sure I will find out closer to the time
The problem with films is that "filming" is probably the shortest part, especially these days for high sci-fi content and effects-laden...

Lord of the Rings is a 4-5 year schedule, but for three films, and widely known for filming back to back over several months. It is the post-production work which is taking about a year per film to make it ready for release.

Star Wars episode 2 (Attack of the Clones) was three years in the making, but only filmed for about two months, plus pick-ups. This was about the same for Phantom Menace, and I would imagine will be similar for Episode Three.

The new Harry Potter (and the Chamber of Secrets) didn't start filming till the release of the first one, so has a year for filming and post-production, but pre-production was no doubt well under way before that. And so on.

You're perhaps talking 18-24 months for "SG-1 - The Movie", but this time-scale may have already started!! :D
do you think the movie will be made for TV or released worldwide in movie theaters? it would be cool if it was released in the movie theater be some great exsposure for stargate! Sorry for straying from the subject of atlantis just would like to know if anyine has any idea about the movie being in cinemas or just made for TV?
AFAIU it will be what the American's would call a "theatre" release, or what I would call for the cinemas. :D It would be pretty much pointless doing a TV movie -since they already do them (close enough) in the two-parters....
this rocks man i can't wait for the movie coming, and as for at;antis can't wait for that either, your theory about the ancients being related to the lost contenent is something I would like to see in stargate, would explain why the asguard seem to love us, naming ships after jack and asking us to save them from the replicators, if the ancients actually originated from earth on a lost contenent, i wanna see us team up and kick some goa'uld ass!
It's highly likely it will be shown in the UK and it's highly likely Sky then Channel 4 will buy the rights although in America SCI-FI is showing Season 6 but I doubt UK SCI-FI will cover it.
I don't know where the Atlantis idea came from, but in the film, at the beginning, when Jackson is asked then who he thinks built the pyramids, Jackson says that he doesn't know and a scientist mocks him by suggesting the Atlantes or .:alienooh:.
Though, as he could not say in "The Curse", Daniel was right about that theory, the whole time. Maybe both are the same thing? :D
Know what PTeppic ? Your plot's' sounds like a thing I talked about some months ago, about the Golden Age of the Goa'ulds, when we would see them in all their glory. Full armies, more ships, even if they're older, I don't care, plenty of Gods, new heroes (and not essentially more than 90% of WASP heroes mind you).

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