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i think that that idea about the water gate is a good idea, but is there any way of proving that they did that dilberatly... i mean look back to the one "Fire and water" (is that the right name???) i mean that also has ties...
I suppose finding a gate that was entirley under water was inevitable, for various reasons, not least the possibility of an alien lifeform that is aquatic. In "Watergate" they just went one step further...

In a way it all comes down to Sam's aside to Jacob in "The Tok'ra (part 2)" about the gate system apparently being designed for human-like physiology... in pretty much the same way as the Star Trek universe is primarily "class M" planets. They are just easier to film!

[Of course (see a number of threads in Technical), it could be argued that "underwater" would actually "block" the event horizon and therefore prevent an incoming wormhole!]
Well, I suppose we could (mentally) go through a list of all the terrains and population types on Earth and see which ones we have had, and therefore predict future ones. The issues of the "plot" are a lot more complicated, but there are probably still some "classic" plots from many genres which can still be used.

Anyway, starting to think aloud (and I know we could argue about this or that place in this or that episode!):

ultra-high tech (Tollan, Nox, Nem, Asgard, Goa'uld/Tok'ra), high-tech ("New Ground", "Beneath the Surface", Orban), current-ish ("Other Side"), almost now but pre-space (not yet), steam (Vyus?), literate agricultural (Edora, "Scorched Earth", "Demons", Cimmeria?, Hanka?, Cartago), pre-literate subsistence/hunter-gather agricultural (Abydos, Simarka, "Spirits", "One False Step", Cimmeria?, "The First Ones", "Touchstone"?), Grecian style (Broca Light side, Chulak town, Argos), totally unknown (Reetou)

And locations/religions/styles:
Egyptian (Goa'uld/Tok'ra, Abydos), Grecian (Nem, Argos), American Indian ("Spirits"), other Earth historical ("Emancipation", "Crystal Skull"), woodland (Nox, "Broca Divide"), desert (Abydos, Vorash), tropical ("Touchstone), open rural (Edora), snow ("Solitudes", "Beneath the Surface"), water ("Watergate"), high mountain (not yet), marsh/fens (not yet), rain-forest (not yet), and so on.

Go on - what would be your favourite people/group/terrain to see in the future?
what about the Mayan or Inca.... there could also be celtic, they did Viking, but not Celtic....
A while ago - somewhere on this forum (probably in General) there was a post about Atlantis and possible ideas.

The title suggests to me that we might travel back in time to when the gate system was first created. It's already been confirmed in recent chat transcripts that the new series will not revolve around the military.

The gate system, if I'm correct was created by The Ancients. We have yet to see this race although we know they are part of the 4 race alliance that the Asgard are apart of. One episode actually showed the writings of The Ancients - can't remember which ep though.

What if the new spin-off details the creation of the system and how the system was used. We rarely see the gate systems actually used for something other than travel. They had to be created for another reason - what was it ?

I think all this could be explored in the spin-off. Atlantis was full of Mystery in Myth, this would be an ideal place to locate the first ever earth gate in my opinion.

Any, just brainstorming, if I think of anything else I'll let you know.
Ancients = Atlantis ... I think I suggested it in September last year... :p ;) [Season 6 thread somewhere] but no doubt it has been suggested before. In one of the other Technical threads we look at which gate came first, and suggested it COULD have been the Antarctic one, and that the Giza gate was brought in by Ra when the other one froze up (or the nearby land, anyway).

Gate system... why should it not have been used for transport? When Jacob travels for the first time (to Vorash) Sam explains all the planets seem to be suitable for human-like beings. I am not sure what other purpose it would actually have if NOT for transport. Except perhaps for communications, but even that is the transport of communications signals...:alienooh:
how much you want to bet that they will put it that way... Ancients=Atlantiens.....
maybe the ancients had a way of predicting solar flares, so then they could have used the gate for time travel.
well if they were advanced enough to create the stargate, they would have had to of know about the time warp thing.


SPOILER ALERT: season 4 "Window of Opportunity" and "2010"








In season 4's "Window of Opportunity" we see a physical device that the Ancients had built unsuccessfully trying to conquer time travel. Is it likely they would try if they could just use the gate system?

--> yes: the gate technique will only work from certain planets, and still needs a solar flare in the right place and size for the time-shift required (very limiting for practical use)

Incidentally, we also see, in season 4's "2010" a race of advanced human-like aliens who DO have the technology to predict flares
Originally posted by Sphinx
The title suggests to me that we might travel back in time to when the gate system was first created. It's already been confirmed in recent chat transcripts that the new series will not revolve around the military.
What if the new spin-off details the creation of the system and how the system was used.
While the idea of this vast, beautiful series about "how it all began" is kinda cool, I'm not so sure about the disassociation with the military angle. I watch partly because this show is set "here and now" and that's what's cool for me.

So, that said, to do a spin off on something only a rabid viewer of the present series, and one that knows a whole six years of the myth-arc, is kind of risky? Silly? Crazy?

I mean, besides keeping some damn fine creative peeps up in Vancouver employed, what's the point? I'd be jumping the gun to say the "hook" isn't there. But I'm musing that it might not be.
a) Isn't that what "Enterprise" has done, in a certain other well known sci-fi canon?
b) This is the risk when starting any sci-fi show
c) Would you need to know the whole six years of SG-1? I would imagine that once past the gate, there would only need to be minimal cross-over, maybe some of the species e.g. Asgard. The rest could all be done as very briefly in passing, or so long ago as to not feature (e.g. Goa'uld before they had escaped their planet the first time - or even be the method whereby they learn how to escape).
Alright. So maybe it could be done. Maybe they aren't facing much more hurtles than any other series out there. They've got less seeing they already have a tentative network backer.

But the core of writers working on the show are so stuck for appealing ideas-- I mean meaty SF ideas-- for the present show they have, what would really be all that special just to change the locale? It becomes Outer Limits II instead of the X-Files II. Do you see what I mean?
I agree with Cyn..... the writers seem to be trawling around among the scripts of shows like the X Files for Season Six as it is. I think they might have to be very careful what they do with the spin off. Audiences ARE going to look at it in the light of the foregoing Stargate SG1 series...and I don't think they can get away from the military aspect if they intend to keep it in the here and now.

Going back through time and creating a series based on premise has its own problems, because then it won't have the 'here and now' aspect to hook the viewers, and this is, let's face it, what lots of the fans like about the present show, the fact that we can relate to it now! It's not future and it's not the past.

I feel they may have to treat it as a flashback idea if they are going to have any success with it at all. Perhaps the discovery of Atlantis and how it relates...interspersed with flashbacks of how it was.....and surrounded by the current situation out in the galaxy! All I hope is that in Season Six of the current series, they don't take the opportunity of knocking out the Goa'uld as an enemy, because they are the focal point of all of the efforts of humans to defend their planet. The fact that they have been around for millennia and structured the galaxy to a large degree means that they should play a large part in any spin off anyway.

But I truly think that the producers might be shooting themselves in the foot if they disinclude the SGC and SG1 entirely, even if those teams are made out of different actors in the spin off!
Well, Anni, you broke ground with your story about Gou'alds so I know you'd be partial to a show about them. :rolly2:

After Easter dinner I was chatting with a Gater who's firmly watching only the season four syndicated episodes on our local station and he's like "Keep the Gou'ald, bring some back." It's not helping that we're seeing the first nine season four episode three times each out of series order, and my hands are tied to not spoiling him to season five or six by his request. But he's in for a long wait into late season five to get his dose of big, bad Gou'ald. So the average viewer likes the Gou'ald vs. the US military, go-get-em-SG1 angle quiet a bit.

Stuff in a spin off will be different, at least the writer/producers are not kidding themselves from the get-go about that. I would like to see stuff about how it began much more than the X-files II. Somehow the characters that could be brought in would be far more interesting than some of the US politicans they seem stuck on. Why continue to pummle viewers with two sided politicians like MacKinzie when the average viewer is so fed up with them in real life is beyond me. And one-sided goons of the NID aren't much better. So yea, bring on a show about the Gou'ald. What I don't like is they ignore the views of 3.4 million series viewers over and over again.

So how about this idea, a device is discovered that can display the lost history. As in the memory divice in Hitchhiker's Guide in Smartyblartfast's lab??? A Matrix system of sorts. We can dip into it. It be fun if the characters could move around in it, direct it, and maybe come to the wrong conclusions about the Gou'ald and Ancients once in awhile too. Have that bad impression shadow on the present day events through the Stargate.
Could it be possible the new series be based in the distant past or future and Earth's under Goa'uld rule as it's the only real topic we've only seen in bits under SG-1 through inter-dimentional travel via the 'mirror' and its the threat that's central to SG-1.

It would be nice to see the world from an enslaved perspective and opens up a lot of possibilites with subversion and uprisings along with your usual galactic inhabitants like the Asgard and anyone else who bothered stomping around on our mud ball.
I get the impression from the posts here, and based on nothing else but hunches and assumption, that it will be:

a) set perhaps 10,000 years ago
b) set in Atlantis (!)
c) high tech sci-fi, insofar as the Atlantis people (perhaps the Ancients?) were a lot more advanced than the other people on the planet - may even have been aliens i.e. Ancients

My only concern is how far can they take the script and to what point. Where is the arc? SG-1 started by discovering the gate goes places other than Abydos, and then trying to find Sha're and Ska'ara. After that it contends with the peoples already found plus the ongoing just finding people theme.

For this show, they need a major story arc, that is at least sufficient for one season, if not two. What is it? They find and use the gate system - a bit old hat! They are living peacefully and the Goa'uld attack - seems to change "known" gate history. They develop the stargate and start using it? Possibilities, since no-one would have seen it. But still just more of "SG-1", AND there would be very few other peoples out there, since most that SG-1 find are ex-Tau'ri.

I was just wondering how interesting it would be to do a show from the Goa'uld perspective. The suffering of a dying race, the discovery of a new body form, distribution of the peoples, rebellion, internal wars, and then finally being attacked by these prickly little teams from the original boy's home-world.

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