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Aug 21, 2000
Profiler Venom

quick refresher
Lori petty kill people in creative ways using snakes. Baily is shot by his daughter.

This was a good way to end the season. I was shocked that Lori Petty did such a good job in a drama. anyhow I remenber I already heard a few "jill" rumours at this point and when she talk in into the camera I was sure she was going to be the one. I was wrong.

well - i never saw these during their initial run, so, i saw Jill before i saw this episode -- and i wanted to see this 2-parter b/c i couldn't figure out why Bailey was in the hospital until later in "Ambition in the Blood" (which, for some reason unknown to anyone in the free world, CourtTV insists on airing AFTER "Power Corrupts" - so does CBS - so Bailey's better before he's in the hospital - ummmm -continuity!) -- so, i had to wait for Court TV to start over at the beginning again -- (and i still haven't seen all the episodes of seasons 1,3,4)
H2 you should know by now that contiunity is a dirty word to tv stations......they prefer to keep the audience guessing....... :p

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yeahyeah -- i know -- but that doesn't mean that they should air episodes backwards! geez --- makes it much harder to follow the storyline ----
yeah well showing shows in order from begining to end should be in the job description of these people........but instead i think they have something that says that the should try to confused and infuriate views at every given oppotunity instead

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you know - and if you asked them - they'd probably come up w/ something like - 'well, the tapes all have numbers on them and we air them in numerical order' -- yeah - ok - now i KNOW you're stupid and have no brain cells left - a monkey could get the eps in the right order --

or - 'that's the way they were aired initially' - to which we would all reply - b***s***! - b/c we KNOW they weren't!!

bwahahahaha --

seriously -- i sent TNT an email asking why they weren't airing "Not Even a Mouse" in the sequence when they first started running Pretender, and you know what they told me? 'b/c it's a holiday themed episode, we're gonna air it near the holidays' --- huh? so what? it's vital to the story arc! (and i hadn't seen the ep - wanted to see it where it was to air) -- duh! argh - PTBs are so dumb sometimes --------
oh that's better than the repsonse we got here when we asked that question.....

you know what we were told? we were told that that was the way that they had gotten the eppies in......

now i ask you is that a cop out or what! :p

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oh - we got the episodes in that order - ie: they were sent to us via post and since the ppl at the post office are stupid, they delivered episode 10 four days after episode 12, so we aired 12 then 10 -- uh - yeah - ok - ummmm - that's just dumb --

please please please let ME run the stuff? i'll get the eps in the right order, AND i'll make deals w/ the other networks that run the shows that these x-over with (and the L&O/HLOTS stuff too) so everyone can see everything!!! argh!! i hate it when i'm watching an L&O ep and it says "Concluded on HLOTS" - ARGH!!
well - it was about the episode Venom -- but we kinda got off track -

so - let's get back to the thread topic ---

Venom --- very intersting episode -- i liked it ---- interesting mode of murder, i must say --- exotic animals?? the woman had to have some intelligence, or she could never have set these murders up w/ such precision -- even if she was crazy ----
ahh that's right :D

i knew that we'd get back there eventually......

yeah robyn was smart, almost a genius i think one of them said, she had a very organised mind.....

i loved the way that they brought a handwriting specialist in to check her journals :

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yeah - the handwriting specialist was a nice touch

i noticed that they tend to rely A LOT on Sam's/Rachel's abilities and not so much on other experts that could be of some help -- or we don't see or hear much about other experts - i mean, i know Sam/Rachel are very good w/ their special abilities, but isn't it just a bit far-fetched that the VCTF would be able to solve EVERY case w/ just them??
but they don't just rely on sam/rachel

they make full use of george and his trusty comp, and john and his contacts and grace and her ferensics abilities....

ok so i really gotta learn how to spell that.....but my brain is mush at the moment so DON'T pick :p

my brain WILL explode :D

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well - just to pick, b/c it is my job - it's forensics

and i know they use George and Grace and John, but they seem to rely heavily on Sam/Rachel; i know that's b/c that's what the show is about, but it still seems a bit far-fetched that we never see them solve cases w/ good old ordinary detective work (which, yeah, they use that too, but it's heavily suplimented by Sam/Rachel's 'visions') --- i'm not 'dis'ing the show - i like the show - just wondering if they would ever do an episode where the Profiler's 'powers' aren't working correctly -- ie: she sees false images or something - thus leading her away from the suspect ----
but that's what they did towards the end of sam's run on the show

the way she saw things changed and she didn't understand it anymore... :)

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but see - i haven't seen all of that - so i can't really comment much -- i need to see the whole series to 'determine' if it's what i was thinking of or not ----

so ---

what else about Venom???

this really was an interesting episode -----
i think we've covered most things about that eppy :(

i must admit as much as i hate jack i like the way that he set up sam to kill darla, it was a nice touch how he had rachel chained up to the wall as a witness......even though she couldn't actually see anything

:blpaw: :blpaw:
i'm gonna have to get this eppy out again and watch it again -- i don't remember that much about it -- specifics wise -- oops --
i didn't start this thread -- i just kept poking my head in and commenting on stuff i DID remember --
i was just waiting for everyone else to mention stuff - stuff that might jog my memory ---- and - they did ---
i just still need to watch again - to remember more - haven't had time yet --- JAG, L&O, work - etc -------

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