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Jun 6, 2001
I'll begin a thread for Profiler too. I haven't seen the pilot episode of Profiler but one time, so I can't give much of a description or summary, but anyone else who would like to - feel free.

I can, however, list the episodes of season 1:

Insight (Pilot ep)
Ring of Fire
Unholy Alliance
I'll Be Watching You
Unsoiled Sovereignty
Modus Operandi
Night Dreams
Cruel & Unusual
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Shattered Silence
Learning From the Masters
The House that Jack Built
Shadow of Angels Pt I
Shadow of Angels Pt II
Film at Eleven
Blue Highway
FTX: Field Training Exercise
Into the Abyss
Venom Pt I
Venom Pt II

so - anyone up to give it a go??
the first eppy is the one that brings them all together.......what more can be said......

it sets it up from the first eppy till sam leaves......

the closeness between sam and bailey and the attraction between sam and john....

it sets up all the rules for the vctf....that they go out of their way to break i must add....

but also i must also confess that i have only seen this eppy i seem to have lost my copy of it :crying: :crying:

:blpaw: :blpaw:
you lost your copy! that's worse than me missing it every time it airs! ;)

well - hope you can find it ----- sort through every tape until you do!

still hoping to get CourtTV soon so i can watch these faster!

i'll have to go through my list, b/c i'm not sure which of these i have -
ah not so much someone who will remain nameless taped over it and a bunch of other shows i love that were on the same tape........the reason......they needed a tape and that one was handy.... :evil:

i coulda killed him when i found out

:blpaw: :blpaw:
don't ya pluck the little tab things off the tape? (or do they not have those?) so that it's harder to record over? (meaning - you actually have to locate a piece of tape or something to get it to work)

no one would DARE tape over any of my tapes - they KNOW i'd kill 'em -- i'm THAT overprotective --- i also have everything clearly labeled and marked and i know exactly where everything is - so if someone were to move something - i'd know about it --- they don't mess w/ my stuff! i'm a big meanie!! :evil: :evil:
yeah we have the little tab things.......but the tape wasn't full

trust me when i say he NEVER touched a tape again without asking first.......and it was labeled by the way :evil:

:blpaw: :blpaw:
ah- that explains it ---

oooh -- my sister once rewound a tape i had and was using - at the beginning it had something i wanted to keep - well - since she rewound it - i ended up taping over it --- and lost what was on the tape - needless to say i was pretty po'd --- however - b/c of the internet and ebay - i replaced that little gem -- so - well - i'm not mad at her about that anymore ---

okay -- so - back to season 1 reviews --

i would do these from memory - but the only episode that i have in my head is "Power Corrupts" and that's from season 2 -- so, guess i'll have to wait or make a new thread --

wait - i can do "FTX" -- well - sort of ---- (next post)
FTX - Field Training Exercise

Okay - bear with me - i'm doing this from memory (very much unlike the other reviews i do in which i sit down and watch the ep, taking notes as i go - i'll do that for this one a little later - promise)

FTX - Field Training Exercise

several things of importance in this episode:
--small glimpse into Bailey's sex life/personal life - he's dating Art Behar's ex-wife
--FBI director-types send a stuffed-shirt to execute a FTX at the VCTF b/c someone is selling "Eyes Only" confidential documents to the baddies
--We learn that Grace is pregnant, thanx to John and Nathan

The FTX is set up (for this episode) w/ a fake 'mole' in the VCTF, but the stuffed-shirt tells Bailey that there really IS a mole in the VCTF and the exercise is to help them find the mole. However, Bailey's team is much better at this game than expected and solve it really fast, but then Bailey and team are told that they really DO have to find the mole. The stuffed-shirt guy is killed, and the team gets kinda nervous, and George and co dig over all the ways someone could 'copy' "eyes only" documents and learn who the mole is -- based on a zoom lens feature installed on the camera in Bailey's office.

From this camera and the security tapes, Behar learns of Bailey's relationship w/ his ex-wife and confronts Bailey, angrily about it. Bailey is not amused and pretty much tells Behar to mind his own business.

all-in-all, a pretty good episode. it's harder to critique the first season of a show b/c the show is just getting it's feet wet and working out all the 'bugs' in the characters and such. however, i am slightly biased, b/c i prefer any episode that focuses more on Bailey than on the other characters -- (and that will probably be reflected in my reviews, tho i try to be fair to the characters).
I'm probably wrong but wasn't the guy who was killed either part of Behar's team or the VCTF.....he wasn't the one in charge of the FTX

But I could be wrong because it's been a while since I watched it

:blpaw: :blpaw:
Originally posted by Goddess Willow
I'm probably wrong but wasn't the guy who was killed either part of Behar's team or the VCTF.....he wasn't the one in charge of the FTX

But I could be wrong because it's been a while since I watched it

:blpaw: :blpaw:

well - the guy who came down from 'HQ' and told Bailey about the mole and headed up the FTX *was* killed - he was the one who was killed back in Grace's lab -- i think b/c he was getting too close --- (hafta watch the ep again)
Originally posted by Goddess Willow
ok next! what's the name of the next eppie?

:blpaw: :blpaw:

well - in the 1st post - i listed all the episodes for season 1 - pick one ----- (i haven't seen all of them, so i can't do much)
Was this the Ep. the Jack O'trades did his taxes. He owed Zero if i recall.

ya know what - i just watched (okay - skimmed) this episode - FTX - the other day - and i have no idea -- (i skipped the Jack parts - i generally do - don't like Jack) - so, i don't remember -- but - it might be --- maybe Willow knows ---
i think it was the eppy of FTX where he did the taxes....not to sure on the names of the eppies...sorry guys

but i did find it interesting the stuff he claimed on his tax return....

shovels roses gloves........

makes you wonder doens't it :D

:blpaw: :blpaw:
the man's a psychopath -- he would claim odd things --

tho i'm not sure why the IRS never audited him -- wouldn't THAT be a trip?? b/c you have to put a valid address on the thing -- and if you falsify any info, you can be charged w/ something -- it's a misdemeanor, i think - but it's still a criminal charge -----
ummm the man kills for kick! :)

he does use the things he claimed for.....he considers killing his profession :alienooh:

and think about it.......would he really be that worried about going to jail for something to do with taxes? he'd squirm his way out of those charges i'm sure.....he smart as well as being a psycho! :rolleyes:

:blpaw: :blpaw:
eh - Jack probably just put something unassuming as his name - or used another name and address - and the IRS probably didn't pay any attn -- just sent him his refund ----

it's the ppl who 'need' money and work out deductions and such that get audited -- not the ppl who pay accountants to find them loopholes ---- (oops, was i being snarky again?)

jack is just jack ---
ok i'll take another eppie

I'll Be Watching You

This one is about a rock star who is being stalked. The stars name is Melissa, she is also having an affair with an older married man who happens to be a conservative senator.

The stalker has gained access to her home where he has rigged up a room to play one of her songs and also has barbi dolls set up all around the room with the eyes drilled out.

The stalker also gains access to where she is going to do a live performance for the senators charity (or is it his election campain)

They eventually figure out that the stalker is one of Melissa's old high school boyfriends that didn't work out...his life has not worked out and he thought they were ment to be together. He was going to kill the senator in front of her so that she knew he wasn't the right man for her.

:blpaw: :blpaw:

ok so it's not my fav eppy and there are lots of holes in that review

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