Sad Season Six Spoiler


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Oct 8, 2000
Sad Season Six Spoilers

The SCI FI Channel announced that Michael is leaving Stargate SG-1 at the end of Season 5. RDA confirmed (from a different source) that Season 6 will be his last. Although MS will not be in the Season 5 season finale, there is still an opening for the possibility that he can return in a movie or season 6.
Yep it sure is bad news....but he might guess star in a few of season six...and will do a film if there is gunna be one...but its still sad news:(
According to Michael Shanks at BOBW 12 on the weekend, Daniel does die (as we all know), BUT, if there is a feature film (he hopes there will be), all the main cast will be in it, including Daniel, and he said he thinks what might happen is the movie will continue from the last episode of season 6, then end with the beginning of the new spin-off....he said this is a a big MAYBE, but he hopes it happens.


He doesn't exactly die. He saves a group of people, but is exposed to radiation. As he is dying, the woman/white light (I can never remember her name) who is raising the harcises child turns him into the same type of entity (at least, that's what I've heard so far).
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the woman/white light
...that would be "Mother Earth" then? (Or some universal anthropomorphic personification.)
I wouldn't say it was sad even if it was realy brief you'll still letting people know what you've heard about Stargate series.
I'd rather hear it here ahead of time than in front of my tv that I could potentially throw something at . . . :crying:
That is very bad news, Michael's departure is really sad but RDA leaving after season six is doom. Two characters lost is really a bad thing, specially two main characters. This looks like the X-Files odissey. :mad:

Do anyone know when the Season six is scheduled to beging? I miss it, but hearing all this I don't know is will be worse.:(

It's still possible that Michael will guest star in a few season 6 eps still , so we will still get to see him also in the second stargate movie
When Season Six airs

Season six will start on the SCi-Fi Channel in June (reportedly).

Daniel has ascended, so he's not really dead, but since we probably won' t see him again..... he *might* show up in season six if the writers can pen something really good and if he's available. There's absolutely no guarantee he'll be back, or if they'll be a movie, as that's contingent upon season six's success.
I hope that he does come back , soon. I loved his character. They've already started filming the new season.
Season 6 is the last season, right?
I hope not , but when RDA leaves, the show will have to end, or it will just suck .
It would be too much like what happened on The X Files
From what I heard, after season 6 there'll be a second Stargate movie, and then hopefully a spinoff series. I'm seriously worrying about Stargate going the way of the X-Files too, but if they do they only have one more season to do it. You can download Meridian (the episode where Daniel 'dies') from . It's usually open, but I think they close on the weekends.
Oh, and the "Mother Earth" you were talking about- her name is Oma Desala.

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Yeah the spinoff is going to be called Atlantis.
It would really suck if it went the way of The X Files.


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still thing Danny can retack human form when ever he wants, just like Orlin
Orlin was cute.
It would be cool if Daniel could do that. But it would probably take a while cuz he is totally new to that.